Build Consumer Confidence
May 8, 2020
The era of COVID-19 brings with it a new environment for marketing. Consumer safety and confidence are of utmost importance. Upon implementing all of the safety precautions required by public health officials and then some, an external and internal communication strategy is key.

  • Communication regarding good hygiene, social distancing, face coverings, and other safety protocols should be shared at all times with both employees and guests. External communications would include things such as email communications, website postings, billboards, and mailings, while internal communications include signage throughout the business in all areas for both consumers and employees.

  • Provide a clear presence for continued cleaning and sanitizing. While previous operating standards may have kept housekeeping and maintenance out of sight and mind of the guest, a new norm commands for more visible efforts to keep business safe for customers and employees. Consider having an employee that is clearly identifiable and dedicated to keeping surfaces and areas of operation clean and sanitized at all times.

  • Upon reopening, take things slowly to ensure safe operations. Evaluate operations to determine the need for any changes or additional safety measures. Consider special hours, appointment-based business, or membership only specials.

  • Reactivate loyal customers. If you have membership or perks programs, consider how to re-assure and re-engage these customers. Offer special hours, VIP discounts, bring-a-friend passes, or other exclusive deals. This audience is a great way to ease into reopening business.

  • Consider an aggressive promotions planWhile businesses should take things slowly to ensure safe operations, upon confirming ability to operate safely expect a speedy acceleration of promotional efforts to follow. Many consumers have reduced travel plans along with reduced budgets, which means a highly competitive environment for those vying for their business.

  • Offer private, small group reservations. Small groups of family and friends may feel more comfortable gathering together, alone. Is there a way to offer small groups an opportunity to reserve time for a private experience at your business? Try to identify ways customers visiting together can remain isolated from other groups of visitors. 

Marketing in the new COVID-19 environment will require a combination of communicating safety measures and extending special offers to rebuild customer comfort.
MAY 12: Consumer and retail services reopen.

MAY 15: Patio dining resumes.
MAY 21: Dine-in services resume.
MAY 15: Hair and nail salons, day spas, barbershops & tanning facilities reopen.
The Safe Stay initiative is designed to change hotel industry norms, behaviors and standards to ensure both hotel guests and employees are confident in the cleanliness and safety of hotels.
The following information includes resource provides guidance to demonstrate your museum’s commitment to provide a comfortable, safe, and healthy space for visitors and staff.
The travel industry has come together, working with health and medical experts, to reach collective agreement on a core set of health and safety guidance that the industry may adapt to their businesses.
The Visit Canton staff offices and Welcome Center remain closed at this time. We are preparing to return soon and will be implementing the following safety precautions:
  • All Visit Canton staff will participate in a health screening including daily temperature checks when reporting to work each day.

  • Face coverings will be worn over the noses and mouths of Visit Canton team members greeting and assisting guests and visitors. 

  • Visit Canton staff will wear gloves when handling and exchanging materials with visitors.

  • The Visit Canton Welcome Center will be accessible to visitors by appointment only.

  • The offices and Welcome Center at Visit Canton will be cleaned throughout the day and between each visitor appointment by disinfectants approved for use against novel coronavirus.

  • Hand sterilizing stations will be provided at the entrances to Visit Canton for use by all staff and appointments upon entry. 
Please reference the resource page for visitor information about safe travel in Stark County.
You can also find a library of resources for economic studies, reopening guidelines, and other information related to COVID-19 on
Pigskin's Pals
Jun 29 - Aug 31
Visit Canton is planning for a summer edition of Pigskin’s Pals, the special discount program for kids ages 2-12. There are already over 1,500 families registered for 2020!
Is your patio opening May 15?
Visit Canton will be updating content about outdoor dining options in Stark County.
Are you opening May 15th? Let us know your plans.
Grant Deadline May 15
Funded by the CARES Act, Ohio Humanities will be providing $750,000 in emergency relief grants for historical societies, museums, and other cultural organizations.