Build Math Confidence  April 2018 Volume 107
 Dunk: Teaching Science and Math with Basketball
Math and Science have come to life in this pop up exhibit in Harlem.  Featured on TV on NY1,  Dunk: Teaching Science and Math with Basketball will be open until April 14. 
Dunk was i nspired by the Dublin Science Gallery and the  Science Arts Engagement of NY( SAENY) with  a vision for a Science Gallery with a series of pop-up exhibits that are "immersive, intelligent and interactive" befitting the mission of Science Gallery: "We believe that young people hold the creative potential to tackle the world's biggest challenges."  This New York installation is the most recent International Science Gallery with current or future sites in Detroit, London, Melbourne, Bengaluru, and Venice
 The New Education: Preparing Students for a World in Flux
While the Internet has reengineered the world in the past two decades, most universities are much the same as they have been for the last few centuries.  From the coauthor of The Future of Thinking: Learning Institutions in a Digital Age, The New Education outlines "teachers who are remaking their institutions and their classrooms by emphasizing  creativity, collaboration and adaptability."   Prof. Davidson shares about blending the old and the new: for example, her successful Meta-MOOC (massively open online course) that asked students to work collaboratively on The History and Future of (Mostly Higher) Education.
Students ask "Should I take the SAT or ACT?" 
A 10th grader Googled this question as we studied together and we were amazed by these questionnaires by  Kaplan:   

We still have a long way to go in the way Math (and learning) is portrayed in the media  as studying for these exams can help people learn content while sharpening the mind much like training for a marathon will make you fit.  Consider registering for the SAT even if you are no longer in high school.
Brain Puzzler

How many 6 digit numbers are there whose digits sum to 51?

Answer to March's Brain Puzzler: 48 miles per hour
Click  here  for the solution to March 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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