Build Math Confidence  August 2017 Volume 99
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   Winning the Math Homework Challenge
Designed to help parents help their children with the content and psychology of Math, this book focuses on  
visual models that support Math avoiders and can help them become "Math Aficionados".    Author Catheryne Draper "has been learning from her students for more than half a century" and she shares wisdom and advice for families to rock Math homework!  The top To Dos include accepting mistakes, trusting your child and being willing to learn along with your child rather than require of yourself that you learn it first.
  Student Finds (Another!) Error on Regents Exam  
After two errors were found in June, a third error was found on the New York State Geometry Regents in July as seen in Newsday: New Formula for Regents Exam.  Ben Catalfo, a 16 year old student from Long Island who found the error, created a campaign: to "Mark Q.24 on the June 2017 as correct." with a detailed  proof.  After gathering over 2700 signatures,  the state changed the scoring on this question to accept any answer as correct.   ABCNews story    Call for Rescore:State Senator Ritchie
Quizlet in and out of the Classroom

Quizlet is a free study app that mimics flashcards with 6 types of games including traditional flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, Match and Gravity (an Asteroids type game).  There are over 184,519,000 sets of Quizlets available from 196 World Capitals to  Human Body all 206 Bones to  Organic Chemistry to create your own!   Quizlet Learn creates a study plan and help students stick to their strategy with reminders :)
For $35/year, teachers can subscribe to  Quizlet Teacher to track student progress and customize Quizlet Live.   To deal with the infusion of tech into education, there is an  Honor Code that includes not using Quizlet on your phone during a test and advises against posting teacher content without permission.
Brain Puzzler
With one straight cut a cake can be sliced into two pieces. 
A second cut that crosses the first one will make four pieces.
A third cut can produce as many as seven pieces.
What is the largest number of pieces that can be produced with six straight cuts? 

Answer to July's Brain Puzzler: 
Click here for the solution to July's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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