Build Math Confidence  August 2019 Volume 123
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Range by David Epstein
This book takes the 10,000 hours rule and turns it upside down as generalization builds success in many domains.  Rather than early specialization ala golfer Tiger Woods, Epstein promotes breadth ala Roger Federer who dabbled in many sports before choosing tennis.  
Chapter 4 (Learning, Fast and Slow) outlines the the benefits of mixed Math practice rather than just one type of problem as described in this study
Epstein encourages readers to broaden their horizons with "the most impactful inventors crossed domains rather than deepen their knowledge in a single area." and encourages range with "people who think broadly and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives will increasingly thrive".
Practice Math with Actual 2019 3-8 Math and ELA Questions
Summer is a great time to study whether to preview next year's skills and/or to practice skills from last year's grade level.  New York is one of the few states that releases its middle and elementary state exam questions providing opportunity for students, teachers and families to access content to promote access and equity for all students.
Math, ELA and Educator Guides for 2019 NYS 3-8 Exams
The Math of Tennis Scores
Wimbledon is always exciting: the 2019 men's final match  (Federer v. Djokovic) was a thrilling record 5 hours that invoked the new tiebreaker rule.   
T his got me thinking about the Math inherent in tennis including the scoring 0,15,30,40 which is widely reported as a cousin of the the analog clock.
Why Is Tennis Scored So Weirdly? 
Wimbledon Facts and Figures
Later this month, the last major for the year, the  US Open  will begin on Monday August 26th in New York City.
Brain Puzzler 
On an analog clock, how many times do a clock's hands overlap in a one week period?

Answers for July's Brain Puzzler: 5832 and 512
Click here  for the solution to July's  Brain Puzzler
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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