Build Math Confidence  August 2020 Volume 135
Math for Fall 2020
Hope everyone is safe and sound this summer.   
I am always happy to share resources for learning and teaching Math. 
Beyond meeting school guidelines, Math has many benefits including developing critical thinking, promoting a growth mindset and improving media literacy.   
Click here for more info on Math for Fall 2020. 
Online, Hybrid or In Person?
In July, large U.S. school districts announced online learning for the Fall ( LA and Philly) whereas New York City has announced a hybrid model with a threshold of a  3% Positivity Rate.
Colleges, on the other hand, seem to be going full force in person, although that trend seems to be reversing as July comes to an end. 
Moving Forward in the Midst of a Pandemic:
International Lessons for Math Teachers
The U.S. National Committee on Mathematics Instruction represents the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) at the national level.  Here is their excellent 3 part video series held in July:  "Moving Forward in the Midst of a Pandemic: International Lessons for Math Teachers," for ideas and insights on Mathematics Education from around the world.

Expressing Ideas Online with Jamboard

Google Jamboards, available on  Google Classroom, feature online whiteboards that "b oost student collaboration and engagement ."  
Thank you to Michelle Defilippis for the student work above!
According to Common Sense Media, "t eachers can demonstrate on Jamboard  and share with students for collaborative whole-class discussions." and "Students can work in groups using Jamboard, collaborating in real time with drawings, images, and text and as a presentation tool, too."
Using Jamboard and Google Docs to Show Math Work
Brain Puzzler 

If the probability of a false positive of a medical test (could be COVID-19) is 3%, what percent of people who test positive would actually have it? 
Scenario 1: The disease is present in 1 person in 1000 
Scenario 2: the disease is present in 1 person in 5 

Answer to July's Brain Puzzler: 333 click  here for the solution
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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