Build Math Confidence  December 2017 Volume 103
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Friday December 15 Prof Dev Workshop Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
Quizizz is a fun and engaging game-based learning tool  for classwork or homework . Even if students do not have laptops or ipads, Qu izizz works on any device with a browser including smartphones. Students enjoyed Quizizz in  College Algebra this semester!  mathconfidence Quizizz profile  
MoMath Winter Solstice Event: Thursday Dec 21 NYC
This year's Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, will be celebrated in New York City by the Museum of Math aka MoMath.  The photos above show the 2016 and 2015 celebrations.
This year's work, Solstice Spirals, is a  Fibonacci-inspired design (based on the work of John Edmark).  According to MoMath "Every piece is exactly the same shape as every other piece, but each consecutive piece is slightly different in size. Start with the tiniest piece and see how quickly the pieces grow as we use the golden angle to build the very same pattern found in sunflowers, pinecones, and roses. Don't miss your chance to participate in building this kinetic sculpture and bring your camera - you won't want to miss this beautiful mathematical photo op."
Algebra for All Initiative 
The goal in New York City is "All students will complete algebra no later than 9th grade, enabling them to reach more advanced math courses in high school and better preparing them for college and careers. By 2022, all students will have access to an algebra course in 8th grade, and to academic supports in elementary and middle school to ensure greater algebra readiness. "

Passing the Algebra I Regents fulfills the Math high school graduation requirement.  So, why Algebra I in 8th grade?  Some people think that earlier Algebra will enable students to be on track for 12th grade Calculus.   Since Algebra I in 8th grade counts as a year of high school Math, only 2 more years of Math are required.  It will be interesting to see if students will take Math beyond 10th grade.  Another consideration is that Al gebra I in 8th grade means missing the 8th grade curriculum which is foundational for high school Geometry.
NYC 8th graders below proficient in Math and ELA 
Brain Puzzler
For the positive integers up to and including 2017, how many of those integers have at least one zero?

Answer to November's Brain Puzzler: impossible
Click  here  for the solution to November 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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