Build Math Confidence  December 2018 Volume 115
Math Confidence Events
Mon Dec 3 RKA 141 Parents Association Bronx, NY
Thu Jan 10 How to Make Math Count, Rockville Center, LI
 Ways to Build Math Confidence
I will be presenting a parent workshop on ways to build Math confidence,  
so I crowdsourced on Twitter on the #iteachmath #mtbos hashtags:
"Small successes in math that aren't based strictly on procedure/correct answers. When students realize they have amazing deep thinking, problem solving, perseverance, etc skills, they are willing to take more risks (and have more fun!)" @adelliger 
"Teaching students to embrace the struggle when they're having a hard time and understand that mistakes should be celebrated as the stepping stones of learning that they are. This mindset shift is the key to empowering your math students with confidence and grit." @mashupmath
"Acknowledging and constructively challenging their thinking. Help Ss realize their learning CAN and IS progressing....and remove the pressure that learning has to be quantified with time constraints" @mathphan

What do you think helps people with Math confidence? Please respond here
 Area Mazes -- Math Puzzles for the Brain
Like its cousins Sudoku, Kakuro, and Kenken, Area Mazes are brainteasers that encourage Mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.   According to Amazon, "Just Remember: Area = length × width, Use spatial reasoning to find helpful relationships, Whole numbers are all you need."  See this month's brain teaser for an example. Invented by Japanese puzzle master Naoki Inaba, this pocket sized book can keep your brain sharp and clever.  The Preface  "Brain Training with Area Mazes" explains that area mazes are designed to develop flexible and youthful thinking as these puzzles cannot be solved by repeating a process.
 Instagram of the Month

Brain Puzzler (Area Maze!)
Answer to November Brain Puzzler: 40
Click here  for the solution to November 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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