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Blog Post: Math Creates Flow!
Of the many ways to measure a Math lesson,  one is flow.  The 75 minute blocks at my college can feel like a long time to be doing Math.    Therefore, I try to have a variety of modalities within a lesson to capture students' attention and provide opportunity to learn and do Math.
The best flow experience I witnessed in my classroom was an activity (on Graphing Functions) starting at 1:58 which was 17 minutes before class ended.  Read  Math Creates Flow! in its entirety.
First, take this Factfulness Quiz  by the late great Hans Rosling (a founder of Gapminder.)  I have used Rosling's TED Talk on Population Growth in my College Algebra Math Modeling class for at least 5 years as an example of exponential growth.
Praised by Bill Gates in this Gates Notes, Factfulness offers a different way of looking at the world and describes Factfulness as "the satisfaction of stating your opinion based on evidence instead of guessing." The term was first coined by Ola Rosling, Hans Rosling's son in 2015.
As the subtitle suggests, the results may be surprising as people are "wrong about the world and things are better than you think."  In the book, Rosling shares that i
t took 17 years and 15 lectures for the World Bank to replace the terms "developing" and "developed countries" with Level 1 through Level 4 Income Levels.      4 Minutes to Factfulness Video
Beast Academy
I recently learned about these books from a homeschooling family.  Beast Academy  is  a series of books for Grades 2-5 (ages 8 - 13)  that provide opportunity to " Learn math from rigorous, beautifully illustrated guidebooks. Reinforce and master concepts with hundreds of practice problems, puzzles, and games."
Each grade level has 4 units and each unit has a guidebook and a workbook.   The guidebooks' comic book format help students learn through the model conversations while the workbooks' engaging practice and thorough solutions promote reasoning and support creativity in problem solving skills.  
Brain Puzzler 

Answer to November's Brain Puzzler: click this link
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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