Build Math Confidence December 2020 Volume 139
Upcoming Online Math Education Events
Mon Dec 7 7:15 PM EST Peter Liljedahl on Thinking Classrooms Teachers College Zoom
Wed Dec 9 4PM EST NYSAMS Math Summit presents John Staley
Global Teaching InSights from OECD Education and Skills
Teaching Math at a Distance
Theresa Wills was already an online expert before COVID-19. In her excellent workshop for Global Math Department, she shared "Online classes can include a rich community of learners, but only through purposeful planning and implementation of community-building strategies."
You can learn online through her free online professional development MATHURDAYS every Saturday at noon Eastern time. Check out the Problem Solving Oath that asks students to try their best and be a problem solver.
Think Like A Monk: Jay Shetty & Brendon
In this interview, Jay Shetty shares about his experience in a monastery and the Monk Mindset “‘How do I just place this next step? Not perfectly, but how do I place this next step with my best intention, process, and habits possible?’” Jay emphasizes process, habits and intentions vs. goals/results. He asks people to find the stillness within to listen for clues to the answers they are looking for. Jay asks the audience to think ahead 10 or even 30 years and imagine your niece or nephew asking you "What did you do in 2020?" and perhaps your answers could include "We grew closer together", "We grew closer to nature", or even "We became more flexible"

Brain Puzzler
Answer to November's Brain Puzzler: 10 click here for the solution
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