Build Math Confidence December 2021 Volume 151
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Tuesday December 14 online Beast Academy on Big Marker
Thursday Jan 13 How to Make Math Count in person Long Island NY
Friday March 18 LIMACON in person Long Island NY
NYT Learning Network C02 Emissions
Above please find, The New York Times' Learning Network's latest entry in the ongoing series "What's Going on in this Graph" featuring visuals based on COP 26.
Students are encouraged to look at real world data and comment by answering 4 questions: What do you notice? What do you wonder? How does this relate to you and your community? What's going on this graph?" and are asked to "Create a catchy headline that captures the graph's main idea."
This Wednesday morning December 1st, the NYT will moderate responses live online.
By Friday morning, Dec. 3, the "Reveal" will be posted with the graphs’ free online link, additional background and questions, shout outs for student headlines and Stat Nuggets (definitions of statistical terms and where they are seen in the graph).
Richard Rusczyk and The Art of Problem Solving
An expected delight mid-month in the New Yorker, Richard Rusczyk's profile details the humble beginnings of his online Math programs' prominence even pre-COVID.
As his Art of Problem Solving website says "Stretch Your Student to Their Fullest Mathematical Potential. Learn from the leaders in advanced math, alongside outstanding classmates, with interactive online math for students grades 5–12."
All members of the 2015 – 2021 US International Math Olympiad teams are AoPS alumni.
The AoPS brand includes Beast Academy (a comic-based Math program for ages 6 -13) and BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) to help underserved students enter advanced study in mathematics. h
New Realities: The Future of Higher Education
Even before the pandemic, the higher education landscape was rapidly shifting. This article, Higher Education Should Prepare for Five New Realities, written by The Great Upheaval authors Arthur Levine and Scott Van Pelt outlines the changes faced by colleges and universities as "They point to a future that is outcome-based, time-independent, digital, individualized, low-cost, and available any time and any place."
Their key questions about the future of education include:
• how much will colleges and universities change, what will change, and how will these changes occur?
• will institutions of higher learning be able to adapt to the challenges they face, or will they be disrupted by them?
• will the industrial model of higher education be repaired or replaced?
• why is higher education more important than ever?
Brain Puzzler
Start with 100 coins: 10 stacks of 10 coins each.
In 9 of the stacks, the coins all weigh 1 ounce but one stack has coins that weigh 2 ounces. Using only a digital scale and only one weighing, identify the stack that contains the 2-ounce coins.
The answer to November's Brain Puzzler: 13.75 seconds.
Click here for the solution
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz