Build Math Confidence  January 2019 Volume 116
Happy 2019 
Math Confidence Events
Thu Jan 10  How to Make Math Count , Molloy College Rockville Center, LI
The Regents is Coming! Get the Math and Get the Points!

Until the January Common Core Algebra I Regents, Robin will be blogging/tweeting an Algebra I Regents question every day up to the day of the exam January 23.   To follow via  Twitter: @mathconfidence
Occasional Instagram posts at: @mathconfidence
 The Laws of Human Nature: Epic Reading for 2019
Robert Greene, author of Mastery, The 48 Laws of Power and The 50th Law (cowritten with 50 Cent) is back with his latest brilliant tome, 6 years in the making.  Greene explains the 18 Laws of Human Nature and helps us to find ways in which we and those around us act consciously and unconsciously.  The promotional materials include insights and wisdom:  "You are about to become an apprentice in human nature that will help you; transform into a more strategic observer; master cues people continually emit; become a better judge of character; outthink the toxic types who inevitably cross your path, learn the true levers for influencing people and override your own negative patterns.  Each of the laws includes a profile showing the law in action.
 Escher Exhibition in NYC until Feb 3, 2019
Over 200 of M.C. Escher's works of art and mathematics can be seen at Industry City in Brooklyn for one more month.    The interactive exhibit " Explores the intersection between art, mathematics, science and poetry as Escher's works have fascinated and astounded generations of artists, architects, mathematicians, musicians and designers alike."   It includes  "scientific experiments, play areas and educational resources that will help visitors of all ages to understand the impossible perspectives, disquieting images and seemingly irreconcilable universes which Escher combined to create a unique artistic dimension."
EscherNYC on Instagram                                EscherNYC on Facebook
Brain Puzzler 
On the way to catch an international flight, Sabina drives 35 miles for an hour and realizes she will be an hour late if she continues at this speed. If she increases her speed by 15 miles per hour for the remaining part of the drive she will arrive 30 minutes early. How far is her home from the airport?

Answer to December Brain Puzzler: 29 in^2
Click here  for the solution to December 's Brain Puzzler
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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