Build Math Confidence  January 2020 Volume 128

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Tuesday January 21, 2020 Excellence in Teaching College of Mt St Vincent NYC
Tuesday February 4, 2020 Everyone Reading CUNY Graduate Center NYC
The Little Book of Calm
The Little Book of Calm, available only in print format, is overflowing with advice to help in any setting whether school, work or home.  This small form factor book from the last millennium  is " Designed to be carried around and dipped into whenever your feel your stress levels rising."
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Some pearls of wisdom include:
Sip A Peppermint
Worry When the Time Comes
Pause Between Changes
Disregard Small Issues
Start Ten Minutes Early
Put Your Feet Up
Wear White

NCSM Newsletter Article: Taking the SAT at any Age!
While running a marathon or even doing an Ironman Triathlon has become commonplace, it is still unusual for adults to partake in cognitively challenging events.  Click here or on the paragraph above for the entire article from the NCSM National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Summer 2019 ENewsletter.
Aida's ad in the New York Times

I have been hesitant to share technology that does the Math for you. So is technology good for learning or not?  This new iphone app is based on Wolfram Alpha and was highly promoted in print media including full page ads in the New York Times.  According to Inside Higher Ed, "Many students taking calculus in college have already taken calculus in high school, but this does not guarantee they will pass the college-level course. In fact, Bressoud argues that studying calculus in high school can be detrimental, as students don't spend enough time building foundational knowledge."  I partly agree with Bressoud but wonder if high school Calculus exposes students to high level content that later helps them.  In in either case Aida and similar tools are promoting cheating while removing the cognitive load that Math usually demands.  My best recommendation for teachers is to have students do as much classwork as possible.
Brain Puzzler 

Move three matchsticks to create a true equation.
(Note: There are four possible solutions.  Can you find them all?)

Answer to December's Brain Puzzler: Click here
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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