Build Math Confidence January 2021 Volume 140
Best Wishes for 2021
Thank you for reading!
To all, a healthy, happy and Math-y 2021!
(2021 is not prime by the way!)
Upcoming Math Education Events
Saturday January 9 ATMNYC/Texas Instruments conference
Workshop dates throughout January AMTNJ
Friday March 12 LIMACON (Long Island Mathematics Conference)
Learning Multiple Solutions...Good or Bad?
In the US, Common Core State Standards have been around for 10 years and are still controversial although CCSS imparts what should students learn at each grade level. But regardless of content, I often hear the comment "Don't teach that topic in more than one way as it will confuse students."
The beauty of Mathematics is that many problems can be solved in more than one way. Learning more than one way not just boosts flexible thinking but also promotes understanding and a method for checking one's work. Visit the weekly Twitter chat "MathStratChat" on Wednesday evenings by @pwharris to see how multiple solutions and methods can help students develop the connections to understand and enjoy Math.
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Screencastify: Creating Online Content
Need an easy way to make videos?
For yourself? For your students?
Screencastify is free for videos less than 5 minutes. Last week, I made my first Screencastify video for the asynchronous Winter session students. Then I realized that they could make and submit their own videos even with my Free account. If all goes well, I will pony up for the Submit subscription and will also consider the Record and Edit options.
The Economist: Graphs for Teaching & Learning
I recently subscribed to The Economist which I had not visited since my MBA school days in the 90s. What a gem! Looking above you can see the wide variety of topics and infographics, rich in real world data and ripe for debate and discussion.
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Brain Puzzler
Click here for this month's Brain Puzzler
a Math-infused Cryptogram (decoding a message using Math).
Answer to December's Brain Puzzler: 454585 click here for the solution.
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz