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Wordwall is a digital version of the ubiquitous classroom bulletin board. It allows educators to  "create interactive games and printed materials for their students. Teachers simply enter the content they want and we automate the rest."

Over 40 million resources have been created and are stored in the Community.

While Wordwall began in 2006 in England, it has grown globally and exponentially and 43 languages are supported.

Try this First Wordwall I Did With Students Linear vs Exponential

Available Premium Plans to make Printables and other Benefits

What Do We Know About Teaching Math

Former New York Times writer Jay Caspian Kang shares that while the Gates Foundation will be investing over a billion dollars into Math Education, there is still a lot of dissent on what helps students learn and retain Math.

One idea comes from Escondido, California which homogenized Math for 9th and 10th graders, allowing juniors to choose their path -- future STEM students are Calculus bound and others head into a statistics-based courses. But critics are "concerned that the system might reinforce inequality, with the statistics track being considered the “pathway for students of color.”

Other ideas besides sequencing include tutoring, using digital tools (such as Zearn) and "developing curricula and classroom materials that will aim to help teachers make Math both accessible and challenging".

New Yorker article on California's Math Framework

Alan Schoenfeld's article abstract Why Are Learning and Teaching Math So Difficult?

Should High Schools Rethink How They Sequence Math Content

Jay Caspian Kang's Part 1 on How Math Became an Object of the Culture Wars

The Case for HS Math Pathways

Published in Mathematics Teacher: Teaching and Learning, The Case for High School Math Pathways is available with various Pathway Models. Our current Math sequence was first proposed by the Committee of Ten in 1892 and needs an update: "Given the unprecedented societal and workplace needs for mathematical literacy, including statistical literacy and the ability to understand and apply massive amounts of

data, the need for change in high school mathematics has never been greater."

Included is a Table entitled Long-Overdue Mathematics Curriculum Changes with statements from the Mathematical Association of America, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Authors Eric Milou and Steve Leinwand recommend alternatives to Algebra 2 and cite research studies like What Does It Mean to be College and Work Ready?

Brain Puzzler

Without a calculator or the Internet, find the prime factors of 2023.

For the answer to December's Brain Puzzler click here


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