Build Math Confidence  July 2017 Volume 98
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Monday July 10   Summer Institute Prof Development Workshop Northern NJ
Monday July 17  Engineering Your Future Manhattan College PreEngineering
   Hidden Figures: The Book and the Movie
Before the handheld calculator, there were Math whizzes called "computers" who worked alongside the scientists and engineers during the space race mid 20th century.  The amazing movie and best selling book highlight the importance of the black women computers who helped NASA get to the moon and broke down barriers and stereotypes.   Even now, as seen in Solving the Equation: Women in Engineering and Computing from AAUW, diversity is needed in the STEM fields.
Hidden Figures Teacher's Guide
This article from Entrepreneur magazine was super helpful in preparation for a recent (6 hour!) all day professional development workshop and included these tips for  public speaking:
1. Audience Awareness: Shake hands with the crowd
2. Positive Preparation: The audience wants you to succeed
3. Confidence Content: Create solid content
4. Test Technology: Get there early to check the setup
5. Validate Values: Value items 1-4 above for a great presentation
Ending the Curse of Remedial Math with MathStart

Nationwide only 35% of community college students receive any form of credential in six years -- at urban community colleges the rate is even lower -- 16%!!  This OpEd article by David Kirp in the Sunday Review  Ending the Curse of Remedial Math featured opportunities Math Start at CUNY which is an 8 week intensive, low cost ($75) program designed to help students prepare for college level work with 12 or 25 hours a week of instruction.  The Core Values and Teaching Practices of the CUNY Math Start include student centered instruction, questioning techniques and developing real understanding which all help students be more prepared for college-level work. 
Brain Puzzler
A trader had gold coins but did not tell anyone how many she had.  If the coins are d ivided into two different sized groups, then 32 times the difference between the two numbers is equal to the difference between the squares of the two numbers.  H ow many gold coins did she have?

Answer to June's Brain Puzzler: 11:1 odds against, or 1/12 probability
Click here for the solution to June's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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