Build Math Confidence  July 2018 Volume 110
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Wednesday July 18 Engineering Your Future Manhattan College Bronx NY
 NCSM Enewsletter Article: Open Books, Open Minds

Promoting the idea of learning by example is the essence of my recent article "Open Books, Open Minds".  In Engineering school, some professors allowed open book exams or legal cheat sheets since problem solving was more important than memorization.  Our teachers knew that as future working engineers, we would be able to look things up (and this was preInternet!) although this did not make the exams any easier!  I have given open book exams in my own classroom since 2002 and encourage other teachers to try it!  Read the entire National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Summer 2018 enewsletter article here.  
 Discipline Equals Freedom from Jocko Willink
Gotta love the content of this quote: "Discipline equals freedom" and the use of the  Mathy word "equals".  Former Navy Seal Jocko Willink  has distilled lessons from his military background to apply to physical fitness, personal development and leadership.   His hit Jocko Podcast has over 100 episodes, the latest includes: How To Win With People You Don't Like. How to Not Get Interrupted. The Exception to-No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders.  Jocko's latest book series, Way of the Warrior Kids, is for ages 8 - 12, and can help kids improve their fitness, studying and overall confidence.
 Danica McKellar

After acting, Danica McKellar studied Math at UCLA.  She has been writing Math books for teens, tweens and kids for over ten years. including Math Doesn't Suck, Kiss My Math and Hot X Algebra Exposed.  Her latest book is geared for early elementary grades K-2 and walks parents through the 'new math' of today including regrouping (rather than carrying and borrowing).
In  Danica's interview on CNBC about Math and parents, she shares about how Common Core is the big change that causes families to need help but my theory is that Math is really different due to the tools of the 21st century: the calculator, Google, PhotoMath and MathPapa, etc. 
 In this video,  Danica on NOVA, McKellar shares how she came to be a Math major after a great teacher in middle school helped her overcome a stumbling block enabling her to enjoy and learn Math!
Brain Puzzler

For how many integer values of x is the value of 4000(2/5)^x an integer?

Answer to June's Brain Puzzler: 20%
Click here  for the solution to June 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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