Build Math Confidence  July 2020 Volume 134
High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice
This 2019 book is timely and is well described on the publisher's website: "Empower students to be the change!" and to be agents of change beyond the classroom -- in their communities, states, nations and the world.  There are more than 20 lessons on a wide variety of social issues including environmental injustice; wealth inequality; food insecurity; and gender, LGBTQ, and racial discrimination.   These lessons are aligned with Mathematics Essential Concepts as well as Social Justice Standards and Topics (Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action). 
"Join the teaching math for social justice movement." 
Introduction              Preview
Get Ready for Math with Khan Academy
Khan Academy has released their Math content packaged so students can practice and avoid the "summer slide".
 The skills can be accessed with or without an account but monitoring progress can help motivate and encourage students during the summer months. 
For now, there is only Get ready for Math available although ELA is in the works.

Get ready for 3rd grade        Get ready for 4th grade
High Intensity Interval Training at Home
7-Minute Workout - No Gym | Living Well
7-Minute Workout - No Gym | Living Well
Working out your mind with Math makes your mind stronger, check out this fitness routine to make your body stronger.  Originally designed for traveling businesspeople, the 7 minute workout goes through 12 exercises each for 30 seconds without the need for a gym or any equipment. 
This Times Talk video featuring Chris Jordan,  
Director of Exercise Physiology, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, contains an interview with Tara Parker-Pope and two 7-Minute workouts back-to-back (starting at about 18:30)
Brain Puzzler 

Answer to June's Brain Puzzler: 1976.5 click  here  for the solution
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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