Build Math Confidence July 2022 Volume 158
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Nerdle: Wordle with Numbers
If you love Wordle, try Nerdle!!
Nerdle's homepage contains classic, mini, instant, speed, bi, pro and replay versions. A great intro to Nerdle is its shorter cousin Mini Nerdle that has six tiles instead of eight.
After Common Core, Next Gen in New York
The Next Generation Learning Standards, delayed by the pandemic, will replace the-Common Core State Standards (CCSS). New York will roll out its new standards and new exams in the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school year.
One of the shifts is in Math to "explore" concepts in place of "master" -- this is important as mastery usually implies no mistakes!
Virtual Learning Post-Pandemic
This Chalkbeat article highlights the "expansion of online schooling is poised to be a lasting consequence of the pandemic, despite longstanding questions about its effectiveness." Here are some examples of online public schooling options in the US:
Brain Puzzler
You'd like to cut a circular cake into as many pieces as possible with five straight cuts.
What is the maximum number of pieces you can create? They can be different sizes but cannot be moved around.
For the answer to June's Brain Puzzler click here
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz