Build Math Confidence  June 2018 Volume 109
Jen Bricker: Everything is Possible  
Be inspired by gymnast and aerialist Jen Bricker!  I first found out about Jen Bricker on Lewis Howes' podcast The School of Greatness.   Jen Bricker was born without legs and was given up for adoption.  Her adoptive family was supportive and encouraged her interest in sports and athletics.  During the 1996 Olympics, Bricker was inspired by gymnast Dominique Moceanu   who she saw on TV.  Bricker became state champion of Illinois only to later discover that the two were sisters.  She is featured in many videos including  Britney Spears Trampoline Act , Be Somebody and Vision Strength Access to the Arts.
HBO Real Sports w/Jen & Dominique Moceanu
Catalyzing Change in High School Math
Lead author NCTM Past President Matt Larson shares his passion for equity and access of Math education in Facebook Live Catalyzing Change: Initiating Critical Conversations .  The  
Infographic: High School Math is Not Working offers 4 recommendations for students, teachers and administrators: eliminate student and teacher tracking, learn a set of essential concepts, provide engaging and empowering Math instruction for all and offer continuous four year Math at the high school level.
This report also outlines  the 41 Essential Concepts for college and career readiness.
Analog vs Digital Clocks

Can your students "tell time"?  Recently, the BBC reported "Young can 'only read digital clocks", a story that was picked up in the Washington Post:  British schools are replacing analog clocks with digital ones to help clueless students.
Today's students are growing up in a digital world in digital time as cell phones, cars, and microwaves have the ubiquitous pixelated time rather than the face of a clock or watch like Big Ben (shown above) -- which ironically is being restored and will not be functional until 2021, when it will resume its analog time-telling along with its bells.
Practice Telling Analog Time on Khan Academy
Brain Puzzler
Sabina's car has 50% better fuel efficiency (miles per gallon) than her old car.  The new car uses diesel which is 20% more costly than the gas in her old car.  On a percent basis, how much will she save on a long trip?

Answer to May's Brain Puzzler:  1/3
Click  here  for the solution to May 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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