Build Math Confidence  June 2019 Volume 121
 Misconceptions About Math and Success
The Misconceptions About Math That Are Keeping Students from Succeeding seen in Forbes magazine included results from a survey of 1500 high school school students who participated in the  MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge by the  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

This is Marketing by Seth Godin
Seth Godin's newest book is based on his Marketing Seminar  and broadens one's thinking about marketing.  Rather than a typical business perspective, Mr. Godin defines marketing as a way "to make things better, to cause a change you'd like to see in the world...mostly to serve the people you care about."  He champions the idea that  "Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more change than we imagined."  He shares "Marketing isn't just selling soap...when you raise money for the local playground, you're marketing." and "Marketers make things better by making change happen"
Math Teachers Should be More Like Football Coaches
This New York Times OpEd piece, written by former Baltimore Ravens football player and MIT Ph.D, Math candidate John Urschel, is subtitled "That style of motivation could help in the classroom, too." as he promotes how  "students are affected by more than just the quality of a lesson plan...respond to the passion of their teachers and the engagement of their peers, and they seek a sense of purpose. They benefit from specific instructions, constant feedback and a culture of learning that encourages resilience in the face of failure - not unlike a football practice. There are many ways to be an effective teacher, just as there are many ways to be an effective coach. But all good teachers, like good coaches, communicate that they care about your goals."    Letters to the NYT in Response   Mind and Matter new book by Urschel
Brain Puzzler 

Using the numbers 2 3 4 5 and just the symbols + and =, make a true equation.

Answer to May Brain Puzzler:  6
Click here  for the solution to May's  Brain Puzzler
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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