Build Math Confidence  June 2020 Volume 133
While we are unsure about what the Fall will bring in terms of school, sending peace, health and good wishes during this challenging time.  Hoping that learning Mathematics will help people grow and think all year round.   A heartfelt thank you to all the health care and essential workers out there. 
Productive Math Struggle Twitter Chat
#ProdStruggle starts Tues June 2 9PM EDT
Looking very forward to this book study starting this Tuesday evening
with  Margie Pearse  and Rebecca Lynn for 10 Tuesday evenings (see schedule here.)  I received my hardcopy via smail mail and am eager to take notes in the margins!  There is also an amazon  ebook available.  
The plan for the first three weeks are 1) Welcome,  2) Foreword and Introduction and 3) Chapter 1 which can been seen online.
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Talking Math Prompts from Illustrative Math

Illustrative Mathematics has made 2 sets of Talking Math Prompts that can inspire conversation and dialogue:
Grades K-5      Grades 6 - 8
This Monday evening June 1st at 7PM Eastern Time Illustrative Math's Kristin Gray and Jody Guarino will present  Representation, Computation, Communication: Purposeful Use of Routines within Curriculum Materials  (Grades 3-5).     
Tiles from the Puzzle App from the New York Times
Enjoy the beauty of geometric shapes in a gaming format -- it even has a Zen mode and is available without a subscription.  
Click here to access this soothing and colorful stress reliever.
For $40 a year ($20 for NYT subscribers) you can get unlimited play to Tiles plus access to Crosswords, Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed and other wonderful puzzles.
Brain Puzzler 

What is the median of the following list of numbers: (There are 4040 numbers)
1, 2, 3...2020, 1^2, 2^2, 3^2...2020^2?

Answer to May's Brain Puzzler: 112 combinations  click here for the solution
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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