Build Math Confidence  March 2020 Volume 130
Math Confidence Events 
Friday March 20 Precalculus and More with Natalie Perez
Friday March 27 When Are We Ever Gonna Use This Math Rutgers PD

Globe at Night 2020

Become a citizen scientist and help measure the light pollution in your part of the world.  Observers are asked to report their time and location during the period when the moon is a waning gibbous to a new moon. 
We were inspired to take action when NYC's LED streetlights made our block as bright as a movie set --  click here for photos.
Get out and observe the night sky March 14-24 to  submit your own data.
Earth Hour happens to also be in March on Saturday the 28th -- it celebrates lower energy usage (and coincidentally promotes dark skies).
Open Middle Math
Rather than asking students to find the area of a given rectangle, Open Middle problems promote critical thinking posing questions such as " What is the greatest area you can make with a rectangle that has a perimeter of 24 units?".   These types of questions are accessible "for both students who are struggling and those looking for more challenge" and inspire student discussions and foster perseverance while helping teachers "detect students' misconceptions and strengthen their conceptual understanding." 
The Open Middle book includes grade levels 6 - 12 while the website has problems for K-12 students.  
What's Open Middle    Open Middle Team   
Everything is Figureoutable
Marie Forleo's approach to life can be applied to everything including Math class!    According to Forleo, " Everything is Figureoutable is more than just a fun phrase to say. It's a practical, actionable discipline.  It's a philosophy of relentless optimism.  A mindset. A mantra. A conviction."
This book's  amazon page promotes the main idea as "How to Train Your Brain for Growth" and encourages people to replace thoughts with questions such as "I know this already" to "What can I learn from this?" and transform "This won't work for me" to "How can this work for me?".
Marie advises people to consume less media to work on their dreams for two hours a day (or even 15 minutes) to move their ideas forward and commit to making progress.
Brain Puzzler 

How many three digit perfect squares are the sum of eighteen consecutive positive integers?

Answer to February's Brain Puzzler: 6/11 ( click here for the solution)
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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