Build Math Confidence March 2021 Volume 142
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Friday March 12 LIMACON (Long Island Mathematics Conference)
Desmos Live Thursdays 7PM ET
Desmos Live is a "weekly show highlighting the best, most hopeful, and most interesting of the math education universe." Hosted by Desmos Chief Academic Officer Dan Meyer, each episode includes new features as well as Desmos Team members who share their expertise on Math content and student thinking.
Former NFL lineman and broadcaster/TV personality Akbar Gbajabiamila currently appears on CNBC to promote financial education for people of all income level, races and locations. He is on CNBC's Financial Wellness Council and encourages people to save for the future using tools like Acorns. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics
When he began his research over 15 years ago, Dr. Liljedahl visited 40 classrooms in 40 different schools. He found that "within a 60-minute lesson, 20% of students spent 8–12 minutes thinking, while 80% spent zero minutes thinking." He compiled 14 Teaching Practices to enhance learning that includes choosing tasks, randomizing grouping and (as shown on the cover) VNPS (Vertical Non Permanent Surfaces) which for in-person learning means students standing and working together in groups..
Brain Puzzler
Make three three-digit numbers that add up to as close to 1000 as possible using the digits 1- 9 only one time each.
Answer to February's Brain Puzzlers: 104 and 288
Click here for the solution.
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz