Build Math Confidence March 2023 Volume 166

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Friday March 17 LIMACON Long Island Math Conference

Saturday March 25 Ten County Math Peekskill, NY

Weds March 29 NCAMS Workshop with Robert Kaplinsky Long Island, NY

Weds March 29 - Sat April 1 NCTM Virtual Conference

Statista: Real World Current Stats

Statista is a freemium website with data gathered from "over 22,500 sources including studies, scientific journals, official communications, trade reports, books, and other relevant statistical publications." The source for each is shared next to a specific statistic (as seen above, the source is the U.S. Census Bureau).

The data can be used for Math and Statistics classes to analyze data to understand and evaluate real world information (Statista Industry Overview).

Statista is commonly used by media companies including the New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, and Financial Times to augment and/or support articles on everything from retail sales and defense spending to covid trends and inflation figures.

About Statista Factsheet One Page on Statista

Why Trust Statista Check out the Chart of the Day

How to Learn Math: For Students

Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford designed How to Learn Math to help "improve your relationship with Math." It is a free self-paced class on edX and is designed for learners of all levels of mathematics. The course includes new evidence on the best ways to approach math effectively using brain-based research. "Many people have had negative experiences with math. This class will give learners of math the information to become powerful math learners, correct any misconceptions about what math is, and will teach them about their own potential to succeed."

The course includes " videos of math in action - in dance, juggling, snowflakes, soccer and many other applications" and is composed of two parts each with three 20-minute lessons Part 1: The Brain and Math Learning and Part 2: Strategies for Success.


Baseus 8-in-1 USB C Hub Docking Station

As a teacher on the go, I have to be flexible and adaptable -- this docking station allows for connection to just about any output one could encounter -- except an old VGA connector!!

This 8 -in-1 allows for connectivity and flexibility: "Plug a single interface to connect to a variety of devices, it turns a usb c port into 8 ports for data transfer, display expansion, internet connection and charging."

Video on the 8-in-1

Baseus Official Online Store

Baseus USB Hubs

Brain Puzzler

Find the largest product/answer by using the digits 0 to 9 at most only one time each:

February's Brain Puzzler's answer: 2023. Click here for the solution. 

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz     

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