Build Math Confidence  May 2018 Volume 107
 The King's Crown is Upside Down

he King's Crown Is Upside Down is a children's picture book for ages 7 and up. Delightfully told in rhyming verse, this story is about a young hero (Sophie) who encourages a self-conscious King to show himself even though he is different. Sensitive and silly, this vibrantly illustrated tale celebrates diversity and difference and will show readers that when we embrace differences in ourselves and others, we open up a world of friendship and possibilities.
The King's Crown on amazon
Reviews of The King's Crown on amazon
QAMA Calculator

QAMA stands for "Quick Approximate Mental Arithmetic"
"With QAMA as the student's regular calculator and used exclusively, calculations can no longer be performed without involving the head and the proper comprehension of the ingredients. As expected, its effects on performance and, more importantly - understanding, are phenomenal."
What Is Math?  #MathIs on the #mtbos and #iteachmath 
Using these #mathis tweet strips from the mathequalslove blog helped create an amazing Day 1 last semester.  Here are the Math 102 student responses.
In this article, I shared how asking students what they think #mathis can open up the dialogue and help them make connections with Math and with one another.   The entire article from the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics newsletter can be found here .
Brain Puzzler

Two coins are flipped and you cannot see the outcome but are told that at least one is a head.  What is the probability that the other coin also landed on heads?

Answer to April's Brain Puzzler: 56
Click  here  for the solution to April 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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