Build Math Confidence May 2021 Volume 144
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The Quick Guide to Simultaneous Learning
Finally have a way to express what I and many other teachers have been doing - it's simultaneous teaching! This book, published in March, refers to the students in front of you in person as "Roomies" and those learning remotely as "Zoomies" and offers advice on how to best address both groups' needs without spending twice the time or effort. One of the best messages is to focus on acceleration and learning recovery (rather than learning loss).
Virginia's Mathematics Pathways Initiative
Inspired by Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics, Virginia is leading the way in modernizing and updating Math instruction for students to be life-ready and succeed in their post-secondary pursuits. Click Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative for an abundance of information on the why and how to provide opportunities to all students.
Online Timers for Teachers (and Everyone!)
When do you need a timer? As a teacher, I frequently use a timer to pace my classes. I also use a timer to write this enewsletter -- usually in Pomodoro (25 minute) segments. Click the photo above to visit Jack Murphy's You Tube Channel with groovy music.

Brain Puzzler
The integer at the top of each of these 9 rectangles is the sum of four addends contained in each rectangle. Shade the boxes containing the addends you use to get the sum. You will use one addend in each row.
(Note: the 4 numbers circled to make -2 are not the right combination...Tap on the photo to enlarge.)

Answer to April's Brain Puzzler: 18 triangles
Click here for the solution.
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz