Build Math Confidence  November 2019 Volume 126
Math Confidence Events 
Saturday November 23 ATMNYC Hunter College (conference co-coordinator)
Thursday January 9 How To Make Math Count, Long Island, NY
Survey: The Biggest and Smallest Number
aka How Google Got Its Name (Math!!!)
Limitless Mind
Finally!!  A book that connects Math with success principles written by You Cubed's Stanford professor Jo Boaler.  This book shares evidence on the adaptability of the brain and people's ability to learn anything at any age. 
The six keys are: Neuroplasticity, Loving MIstakes, Changing Your Mind, The Connected Brain, Why Speed is Out and Flexibility is In and a Limitless Approach to Collaboration.  Boaler outlines positive thinking (growth mindset) throughout the book including "Instead of dismissing a challenge or beating yourself up, think 'I will take something from this situation and use it to improve."  
Free online Math class for students from Boaler/Stanford
How to Learn Math for Teachers (Boaler/Stanford) $99
Mathematical Mindsets for Teachers (Boaler/Stanford) $99
Why Do We Learn Math?
Some great student responses on Why Do We Learn Math?  (My favorite?  To improve our critical thinking and problem solving!).  What's yours?  Post your answer here:    Favorite Student Response 
Brain Puzzler 

The Kakuro puzzle above asks the solver to fill in digits 

Answer to October's Brain Puzzler: 37
Click here  for the solution to October's  Brain Puzzler
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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