Build Math Confidence  October 2018 Volume 113
 Math Confidence Events
Friday October 5 NCTM  (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Hartford, CT 
Friday October 26   AMTNJ (Association of Math Teachers of NJ)  East Windsor, NJ
 NCSM Newsletter: Middle School Math for HS Prep aka SHSAT

Here is Robin's article on the importance of middle school Math as preparatory for high school from the most recent National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics newsletter .  For more middle school Math, see the Tweet of the Month below with an 8th grade NYC Specialized High School exam item ( SHSAT).  Click on the article above or here for the full text.
 Ancient Computing Technology
The oldest computing technology artifacts are from Africa: the  Lebombo bone (35,000 BC) and  Ishango bone (20,000 BC) and  are thought to be ancient tally sticks or perhaps a calendar.  This book, part of a series on Technology in Ancient Cultures, captures millennia of measuring and calculating tools from around the globe including Greece, the Middle East, the Americas, China, Rome and Egypt.  Included is a timeline, a glossary and a plethora of colorful photos inside plus those on the cover:  a Chinese abacus, ancient Egyptian water clock and a Babylonian clay tablet.   
Authors Michael Woods and Mary B. Wood have written over 50 books including  King TutAncient Machines and Hurricanes
 Tweet of the Month: SHSAT

This SHSAT no calculator question generated a  great discussion on Twitter.
Brain Puzzler  

A Math quiz has 3 multiple-choice questions, each with 3 choices. A student will pass the quiz if they have 2 or more correct answers.  If the student randomly picks their answers, what is the probability of passing the quiz?

Answer to September's Brain Puzzler: 5/3
Click here for the solution to September' s Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz, CTLE        
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