Build Math Confidence October 2020 Volume 137
Interview with Steve Leinwand
In this recent Looney Math Facebook interview, Steve encourages teachers to teach (rather than tell) by responding to students with comments like "Interesting" or with questions like "Why?", "How do you know?" or "Who got a different answer?" He also emphasizes cumulative review to help students remember content throughout the year(s).
Steve shares his passion for Math education along with insights on improving instruction for all students including detracking as seen in this NCSM Position Statement.
Heinemann will publish a new book by Steve and Eric Milou in 2021.

Visual Patterns
This excellent collection of hundreds of visual patterns can help sharpen the mind and give students opportunities to discover mathematical ideas. The 43rd number is given for each pattern to see if your equation really does work.
The best part is that the answers are not on the website which promotes thinking and persistence!
If you have a pattern for submission, click here.
Visual Patterns is by Fawn Nguyen along with her other websites:
Full-Body Flexibility

I always say that flexibility and adaptability are some of the most important and challenging skills in Math and in life. In these times, it is important to keep both the mind and the body flexible.
Author and trainer Jay Blahnik is currently the Apple Senior Director of Fitness for Health Technologies and his book includes over 20 stretching routines from 5 to 40 minutes along with over 150 pages of stretches organized by Regions of Flexibility with photos and instructions. Although I have stretched 10 minutes daily for 10 years, this summer I added routines from this book (20 minutes on days without workouts, 10 minutes on days with workouts) that have led to better flexibility and stress management.
Brain Puzzler
FUN is a three digit number where F, U, N are single digits (not including 0).
If FUN = F! + U! + N!, then what is the number FUN?
(where ! = factorial).

Answer to September's Brain Puzzler: 2178 x 4 = 8712. Click here for the solution.

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz