Build Math Confidence October 2021 Volume 149
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Invigorating High School Math
Steve Leinwand and Eric Milou share how high school Math is not serving our students as "Out-of-date and stale curricula are not only dull, but perpetuate inequity by limiting opportunities and failing to prepare a majority of students for life in the 21st century."
They make specific recommendations for transformation by "creating core integrated math courses for grades 9 and 10 and coherent pathways for grades 11 and 12." States such as Oregon have narrowed down the number of standards in high school Math from 147 to 55!
Leinwand and Milou ask for a rethink of Math as "For nearly a century, the basic structure of high school mathematics has barely changed—not because of its effectiveness, but because the status quo is a powerful force requiring purposeful action to break."
Get this book and read it on your own or join or create a Professional Learning Group to implement changes in your school or district.
US Open Champ Raducanu Fave = Maths
18 year old US Open women's singles champion Emma Raducanu shares her passion for her favorite school subject, Maths. She cites her reasons "“the problem solving aspect”, “trying to figure out a way around the problem”, “working out the puzzle” and “thrills and adrenaline”. In addition to winning her first major, she also excelled on her A Levels -- an A on her Economics and an A* (the highest score possible!) in Maths.
TikToks from Howie Hua
Howie Hua is a Math instructor at Fresno State where he teaches future elementary teachers. He has over 5000 TikTok followers and his tag is "Math instructor dedicated to help you understand math." Recent topics include The Sieve of Eratostenes (How to find prime numbers), Egyptian Multiplication and Mental Math Using Perfect Squares.
The video above compiles about a dozen of his TikToks.
Brain Puzzler
Part of Math is visual acuity -- please find 7 differences between these two photos.
The answer to September's Brain Puzzler = 25/63. Click here for the solution.
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz