Build Math Confidence  September 2017 Volume 100
Centimonth Edition!  Best wishes on the new school year!!
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Tuesday October 10 Global Math Week worldwide
Thursday October 26
AMTNJ Annual Conference East Windsor, NJ
   Global Math Week starts October 10!
As an ambassador for Global Math Day, my job is to spread the word and share excitement to meet the goal of 1,000,000 people doing Exploding Dots in October.  From the Global Math Project website: "Our aim is to thrill 1 million students, teachers, and adults with an engaging piece of initiate a fundamental paradigm shift in how the world perceives and enjoys mathematics. We transform and declutter mathematics content to reveal its coherence, meaning, and joy."
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Teaching Guides for Global Math Day
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 The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
OMG! Based on Carolyn Rim's recommendation, this book has already changed life significantly for the better even though we only started last week!    The idea of decluttering and organizing is to take out all of each category of item starting with clothes then books then papers then komodo (most everything else).  Her second book, Spark Joy,  is an illustrated master class in tidying up and shows step-by-step folding instructions as well as advice on frequently asked questions.
Meet Cathy Hirano Translator of Kondo's Books
About The Magic that Happens when/after Tidying Up
   Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6 - 8 Math

The Common Core State Standards for middle school come to life in this beautifully designed website.   These newly published materials were proven in with students and teachers as they were 'polished' in 175 classrooms last school year.  Completely free and supported by 13 states, the mission is to "increase equity in education by making excellent curricula available to districts".
There are student materials at each grade level:
S upport for families:
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Brain Puzzler
For what value of n does 3^1998 + 9^999 + 27^n = 3^1999?
(^ = to the power of)

Answer to August's Brain Puzzler: 22
Click here for the solution to August's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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