Build Math Confidence  September 2018 Volume 112
 Math Confidence Events
Friday October 5 NCTM  (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Hartford, CT 
Friday October 26   AMTNJ (Association of Math Teachers of NJ)  East Windsor, NJ

Robin is delighted to share that she is now a New York State Education Department approved  CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) provider and can award professional development hours to NY certified educators with workshops and coaching.
 What Makes a Good Math Teacher?
Check out these replies from Day 1 of the new's a lot to live up to!  My goal is to rise to the challenge!
Thanks to jaz_math on Twitter for this idea!

 Grades 3-8 New York State Tests

New York State has already released the 2018 Grades 3 - 8 exams given in April (ELA) and May (Math).   Whether you believe in testing or are part of the opt out movement,  Math test items can help teachers, students and parents prepare for and learn grade level Math and beyond.  
This year the exams were shortened and 75% of the exam items were released (rather than 50% in the past). There are still no calculators allowed at the 3-5 grade levels but this year students were allowed to use a calculator for Day 2 of 6th grade and for both days in Grades 7 and 8. 
 Tweet of the Month: $1Trillion
Loved seeing such a big number in the newspaper that I thought it was Facebook and not Apple.  This is megamegadollars -- a million millions!!
Brain Puzzler

Answer to August Brain Puzzler:  994
Click here for the solution to August 's Brain Puzzler

Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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