Build Math Confidence  September 2019 Volume 124
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Should Teachers Take the SAT?
Silent Conversations from jaz_math  is a great Day 1 activity with usu ally 4 or 5 questions.  This semester's classes have more than 25 students so a 6th poster was added on the spot.  Here is  the response to "Should teachers take the SAT?".  For those who would like to give it a try, adults are allowed to register for the SAT in the months of March, May or October as the Question and Answer Service is available and therefore the exam will be released (made public).
Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning
These two authors Pooja Agarwal  and Patrice Bain
have been collaborating for 15 years and are classroom teachers that use their own recommended methods.  Many of their ideas are easy to implement and do not need additional prep time or grading.   Decades of research show that these strategies "dramatically raise student achievement".
The book includes four research-based dynamic Power Tools to help students learn and retain content: Retrieval Practice, Spaced Practice, Interleaving and Feedback-Driven Metacognition.
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Sidewalk Math
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Started by NYC teacher Brian P -- find him on Twitter at or on the web at
Consider taking your kids/students out on the street or to the park to do Math with chalk and see the joy and spontaneous conversations that appear!!
Brain Puzzler 

If 6 people take 3 days to dig 8 ditches, working at the same rate how long will it take 4 people to dig 10 ditches?

Answer to August's Brain Puzzler: 154
Click here  for the solution to August's  Brain Puzzler
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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