Build Math Confidence  September 2020 Volume 136
Google Forms Survey of Tech in the Math eClassroom

I had the great opportunity to teach online this summer.  It was two sections of a PreFirst Year Seminar for rising college freshmen and I did not realize how many platforms I used until I set up a Google Form for rating the platforms from 1-5.  
We used FlipGrid, Kahoot, Quizizz, Ziteboard,, Desmos among others.  Click here for students' responses to this survey.
AMTNJ Fall Virtual Offerings
High quality professional development offered free of charge although they are not recorded so make sure to put dates on your calendar!! 
Consider joining AMTNJ to support this amazing programming.
August September 2020 Program: Technology and Online Resources
October 2020 Program: Engaging All Students

As schools went online in the Spring, Sal Khan of Khan Academy decided it was time to begin the project of matching students with volunteer tutors.  I have been volunteer tutoring for one or two sessions each week as well as serving on the senior tutor committee to select, train and retain tutors.
" was started to help connect students to the personal support they need in the midst of the global school shutdown and is an initiative to help provide quality, free online tutoring to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. Through short group video sessions with passionate teachers from around the world, you can reinforce your understanding in any math concept you're struggling with."
Sessions by Tutor Names                 Sessions by Topic
Brain Puzzler 

The letters a, b, c and d each represent a digit.
Find the values of a, b, c and d that make this equation true.

Answer to August's Brain Puzzler: 3.2% and 89% click here for the solution
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz        
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