Build Math Confidence September 2021 Volume 148
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The Extended Mind
While examining the practices of educators, leaders and managers, this book highlights the parts of thinking that go beyond the brain and is organized into 3 sections: Thinking with Our Bodies, Thinking with Our Surroundings and Thinking with our Relationships. It draws on findings of neuroscientists, cognitive scientists and psychologists and shares insights on how to improve thinking in surprising and innovative ways. For example, the Salk Institute in California was architecturally designed to inspire creativity and collaboration amongst its researchers.
Math is as Important as Reading with Isis Spann
Isis Spann chats with Jon Orr about building a strong home-school connection in this episode of the Making Math Moments podcast. She encourages teachers to invite families to be involved in their students' education with "We can't be afraid to have parents in our classrooms". Her goal is to elevate numeracy and to promote the love of Math among students and educators. Three cheers for her wish to balance Math with reading (which usually gets more time and focus especially in the early grades.)
Padlet is an easy way to post content in a bulletin board fashion to create community by
fostering dialogue and discussion. I had seen a student teacher use it prepandemic but recently experienced it as a participant in a Zoom workshop.
Padlet is free for up to 3 boards and is available on a subscription basis above that level.
Brain Puzzler
There are 10 books to choose from on a reading list.
Mr. Lee would like his students to read any 5.
Tameka chooses 5 books randomly as does Nadeem.
Find the probability there are exactly two books they both choose.
For the answer to August's Brain Puzzler, click here
Thanks, Robin the Math Lady Schwartz