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April 15, 2011
(Listen. Illuminate. Nurture. Create.)

Develop your business tribe
through strategic word-of-mouth marketing.

This week's #14 word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) tip reveals you in new markets simply by showcasing what you do or make in an unexpected place.

very week I show you how to build a business tribe -- like Apple's and Harley Davidson's -- around your business "dream," simply by taking these fresh, inexpensive WOMM steps. Imagine what people could be saying about you by the end of the year when you have implemented all 52 tips in my Weekly WOMM Tips card deck.

You'll also see
a real-life word-of-mouth example from my personal experience and camera lens in my "Life's Little Pleasures" section.

Become active in your own tribe development, and share the wealth... Please pay this forward if you know someone else who could benefit.
Business-Tribe Development Idea
LLaimenitu, winged lion, LINC Step
 Llaimenitu, a winged lion, representing
Step #2: Illuminate in the
LINC communication process

#14 Weekly Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tip

An "Illuminate" business-tribe development tactic from Llaimenitu
to serve your organization.

"WOMM Tip #14:Conduct your typical work, or use your product, in an usual public venue where new folk see it.


"This tip can open new doors for you with just a bit of brainstorming. It just requires a fresh, unusual place to show off your work to new people.


"Questions to consider:

  • Where do your customers hang out during the day?
  • Where are they after hours?
  • Where can you find them online?
  • What are your customers' hobbies and extra curricular activities and where go they take place?
  • What are their favorite restaurants, haunts, coffee shops?
  • What do they drive or walk by?

"Places to consider: ..." ( read more on Ann's BizTribe blog)


- Llaimenitu

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"P.S. Find free resources about LINC, developing tribes, and creating word-of-mouth marketing on Ann's Web site. Or, simply contact us."  

Life's Little Pleasures (worth chatting up)
Photos, unless otherwise noted, are  �Ann N. Videan, APR,
Videan Unlimited, LLC
Life's Little Pleasures:
Speech/Eagle/Art Adventure in Tempe, AZ

TCA Biennial: Glass exhibit, Tempe, AZ
"Fiore Smeraldo" by Deanna Sabeck
Photo �2011 ANVidean
I went for a walk on the Tempe Town Lake path last week near the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA). It's one of my favorite places to walk/bike/inline skate because there is not much traffic in that area, the nearby water attracts amazing waterfowl, and the scenery is varied and beautiful.

As I walked, I practiced an upcoming "27 Steps from Idea to Self-Published" speech for the Friends of the Chandler Library Write Stuff conference, which drew some interesting looks from a few people on the path. :D  I also saw several great blue herons, great egrets, and even the juvenile bald eagle recently born in the area. (How I wish I'd had my camera handy on the path!)


After I got through my speech and hour of exercise, I popped into the TCA to see if the gift shop was open. Unfortunately, no luck. But, as I was checking it out, another patron pointed out the glass exhibit in the Gallery at the far end of the lobby. How happy I was to... (read more on my BizTribe blog)
Learn More About Tribes and WOMM
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I'm Ann N. Videan, APR, business-tribe architect and owner of Videan Unlimited, LLC. Since 1996, I've developed business tribes, starting with single ideas and maturing them into money-making ventures. I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs connect with key ideas and supporters to increase profits by thousands of dollars. My work in tribe development is one major reason my firm was selected by a panel of national judges as the Crown Jewel Award winner (top U.S. home-based business).

This e-newsletter can help you get started developing your business tribe. In alternating issues, expect:
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  • "Life's Little Pleasures" images. I will share my photos/comments about things I want to chat up to you simply because they bring me joy. This allows me to demonstrate tribes and WOMM and may even help you enhance balance and Light in your own experience.
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