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Tahoe 24 built by Charlie Kelly, Phoenix, AZ
(see Customer Feedback below)
“The Bad News is time flies. The Good News is, you're the pilot.”

Michael Altshuler


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. John and I ended up having 3 Thanksgiving dinners; 1 with family and 2 with friends! We truly have much to be thankful for...

And, CHRISTmas is almost here--can you believe it? This will be the last Newsletter of the year because I know you all get really busy about now and we want to be respectful of your time.

Just know that we are truly thankful for each of you and grateful for your continued business. Enjoy this brief Newsletter and enjoy our Special Offer below
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Customer Feedback...
September 24, 2018

(see Charlie's featured photo above) I began the construction of my Tahoe 24 in July of 2010. During that time I have had several setbacks including surgery on both shoulders and a stretch where I had 5 back surgeries in 4 months. I also remodeled two different houses for my son along the way.  

Each time something came up, I picked up where I left off on the boat when time and my health allowed. We owned our own business during that time, and my wife swears the only reason I survived the recession was because I had a diversion to focus on.

All along, I had planned on hiring an upholstery shop to finish the interior, and when the time came, I bought a Sailrite commercial walking foot machine and taught myself to sew. It's hard to hand off a project you have put so much blood, sweat and tears into.

My son got married a week or so ago in Mammoth California, so we took the opportunity to take the boat along and christen it on Lake Tahoe afterwards. During the week leading up to the wedding I was working overtime on the carpet inserts, boat top and upholstery that covers it up while it's down and stored beneath the deck. Sometimes you need a deadline to wrap things up.

We had an awesome time at the lake and the boat performed flawlessly. I wanted to thank you for the plans, materials and advice along the way. I plan on leaving the boat to my son, so I think the name is fitting. Thanks for all you guys do to bring so many people's dreams to life! Charlie Kelly, Phoenix, AZ
My wife and I have just finished our eighth season on our Super Huck designed houseboat. I am retired now and am able to spend about five months of the year on the boat. It's been a real resource for ministry on the lake where we have it. Many thanks to you and your company for making a way for us to enjoy our summers in this manner.
Burpe and Jo-Anne deLong
Halifax Nova Scotia
Thank you for sharing the information in story about you and your wonderful family and the pictures. I've been looking at the Glen L catalog since I was a kid 16 years old. I'm almost 50 and my plans of building that boat are coming closer and closer so thanks for keeping in touch. You have a wonderful family in a blessed story and I look forward to building one of your dad's designs in the future.

All our best from the Greeno family--happy holidays 
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Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Each of you has done beautiful work and should be very proud...
Click the thumbnails below to view some of the latest Builder Galleries.

Some of this month's Galleries are ones that I somehow missed listing from the beginning of the year--I apologize for the delay...
by Jim Keefe
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 by Art Nigro
Hopkinton, MA
by Eugen Frunza
Ontario, Canada
by Ian Spring
Welwyn Garden City, UK
by Tom Clark
Houston, TX
by Ed Wilson
Washington, MO

 Updated Galleries:
by John Vanderzyde
London, Ontario, Canada
by Dean Wilson
Oakdale, MN
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Until next time, build more boats...Glen-L boats that is!

At Your Service,
Gayle Brantuk
Glen-L Marine
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