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"Just sending a picture of finally getting back out on the water this season. Took the Eight Ball to celebrate. Enjoy reading the email newsletters." Eight Ball built by Karl Ellshoff

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson  


I wrote the following about a week ago when I started this Newsletter and now I wish we could turn back time. There are no words as my heart is breaking because of this devastation to our country and people. I'll stick with what I wrote as we look forward to better days...

May 25, 2020 - I sure hope you all are doing well. It feels like there's hope in the air now that things are starting to open up again and for that, I'm thankful. The fear and despair on the masked faces of my fellow Americans has been deeply distressing. I look forward to better times as I'm sure you do too.

This year's Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders is still scheduled to happen September 17-20, 2020. See the details on our Forum--this would be something to look forward to...

Enjoy your newsletter and as always, let me know if you have any questions.
Customer Feedback...

I want to say how thankful I am for you, your family, and your business. Even though we have never met or spoke, I appreciate your emails and your dedication to boat builders.  

I built my last boat a few decades ago and now with grandsons getting to about the right age I hope this fall, I'll be doing it again.

Keep up your good work. Your valuable work. Your encouraging work. Your emails cheer me on and cheer me up. - Bob R.


Thank you for keeping the company going. I’m so enjoying building the boat. Just got the chine put in today. Keep up the good work and thank you again. - Greg G.


Started building frames for my Bo-Jest. Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the lumber I needed before the lumber store shut its doors due to world events. Hopefully we will get through this soon. Stay healthy, and thanks for being there for us boat builders. - Pat M.


Thank you Gayle... Have always felt the same when I bought my first plans from your Dad.... years ago... I lived in Long Beach retired from the Coast Guard 1976, poor and without a boat.

Found your Dad's ad, and as they say the rest was history.... Thank you for your thoughts ... reminds me of those days and the people ... we are all friends and family, and love rules our lives.

Thank God for our ties and memories. Capt. F. Cassianna
I have looked forward to sending you pictures since I received my frame kit for the  Tuffy  in 2002. (editor’s note: frame kits are no longer available.) My boat was launched for the first time on December 26th, 2019, on Lake Auman in Seven Lakes, NC.  (We live on the lake.) There were zero leaks! Read more
This custom kit was developed using  Glen-L Zip  plans by Mark Molden of Benchmark Products in California. His precision CNC cut complete wood kit allows you to begin assembling your boat the minute you unpack tracing, measuring or cutting needed! See our site for details!

"Through my detailed receipts, I spent about $2200 on wood for my Zip 10 years ago and it wasn't CNC cut to fit!!! Great price point, it really makes sense to just buy the kit at this price. " - Chris Atwood

The very first ZipKit purchaser is currently building his Zip utilizing the kit and posting photos and details about the build on our Forum here. He estimates that he's saving about 30% - 40% of building time by using the kit!
 by Raymond Baulch
One of our Driftboat builders posted this issue he had with handling this boat on our Boatbuilder Forum and then subsequently was able to remedy the situation as he details below. We thought this would be good information to all who are unfamiliar with handling a driftboat... Read more
We carry a Fastening Kit for each of our designs that contains all the nails and screws to build your Glen-L wood boat and you can find that kit through the alphabetical listing of our online catalog here . Plus, we also have silicon bronze screws, ring shank bronze nails, stainless steel fastenings, copper wire, carriage bolts and beauty (finish) washers too.
by Joe Thurber

Joe built a beautiful Glen-L Zip and shares his build with us thru photos and captions.

Going to that special party and don't know what to wear? The Glen-L Boatbuilder T-shirt is always appropriate, even in the most fashion conscious circles.

Our luxurious Gildan "Ultra Cotton" tees are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The deep navy color and white lettering provide the understated elegance that funky old boatbuilders demand. You will be the envy of the guys at the hardware store and it goes without saying that when worn with white pants and deck shoes, you will bow to no one as the stereotypical yachty.
Times are so tough and folks are hurting everywhere. As I was working on this Newsletter, I really wanted to bring some bit of joy to you, but I couldn’t think of anything. So, I said a brief prayer asking God to bring something up if that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Then Brian called with questions about our Albert E design. Shortly before he called, I had opened up a a folder on my desk and saw a note from my dad... Read the rest
 Boatbuilder Galleries

Thank you for posting photos in the Glen-L Galleries--Congratulations for pursuing your dream! Each of you has done beautiful work and should be very proud...
Click the thumbnails below to view the latest Builder Galleries.
by James Beaman
Tucson, AZ
 by Stefaan Ghent

 by Doug Fedt
Watertown, SC

by Patrick McConkle
Bremerton, WA
by Randy Weflen
Victoria, BC Canada
by Albert
Barcelona, Spain
Updated Galleries:
by Mark Lemahieu
Oostburg, WI

by Bob Brown

by John Vanderzyde
London, ON Canada
It's simple to post your photos in our Gallery. See our online instructions that walk you through step-by-step how to do it:
Your Link Of The Week
Our site states that for most of our designs, they can be lengthened 10% by increasing the frame spacing. Not all plans tell you how to do this unless the length option is specifically stated on the page describing the design. This is the article that details how to do this.

Until next time, build more boats...Glen-L boats that is!

At Your Service,
Gayle Brantuk
Glen-L Marine
Featured Products

Glen-L Marine is pleased to offer electrical plans for the amateur boat builder from Ed Scott of Bayside Marine Design. These plans are fully detailed and can be used in a variety of boat building projects. All you need to do is match the length of your boat to an Electrical Plan size and you'll be able to wire your new boat, re-wire an existing boat or add new equipment.
LIBRARY - $74.99

This is THE library you need to learn to build your own boat. This set comes with Boatbuilding with Plywood, How to Fiberglass Boats book & DVD and How to Build Boat Trailers. These books are valued at $94.90, so this is a significant savings!

This superior waterproof marine glue is formulated specifically for the boatbuilder, whether amateur or professional. POXY-GRIP is easy to use, requiring equal parts of resin and hardener (1:1 ratio). Use on all types of wood, most metals, and some plastics.

POXY-GRIP cures below 40° F (although more slowly), and is suitable for high humidity or on woods with relatively high moisture content since it does not absorb moisture during cure. The resin component is nearly water clear, while the polyamide hardener is amber color. Cured joints are clear, becoming virtually invisible. Ideal for use under clear finishes.


These custom Glen-L burgees are made with high quality Solarmax Nylon and sewn appliqué style to withstand the rigors of a harsh marine environment. Glen-L burgees are assembled with UV protected polyester thread and finished with 100% brass grommets on a polypropylene header. The carefully selected materials provide the strength and protection needed to stand up against the elements of Mother Nature. These burgees are two layers so that the Glen-L Logo is readable on both sides. Dimensions are 10" at base and 15" long. Made in the USA.