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August 24th, 2021
Build a Strong Neighborhood: NOF Grants - B2B's $250M to Boost Illinois' Economy - Cruisin' the River - Population Shift Tracking - Doing Business With the City - Amazon's Next Leap
Illinois Launches $250M B2B Grant

Governor Pritzker recently announced launching the Back to Business (B2B) program - a part of Illinois' overall economic recovery strategy, deploying small businesses recovery grants for those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built on the success of 2020's Business Interruption Grant (BIG) program, B2B is a vital component of a $1.5 billion economic recovery plan of American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds designated for Illinois to boost recovery from the pandemic.
Building Strong Neighborhood Commercial Corridors

The Neighborhood Opportunity Fund (NOF) is open for applications; the final day for submission to the Chicago Department of Planning & Development (DPD) is Friday, September 24, 2021.

Learn more about NOF; or apply via a Project Readiness Quiz in English,
or in Spanish; you can also view an information session on YouTube.
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Michael Goldstein (773) 504-1200

Hard-to-Find, Inexpensive Space in Chicagoland;
500' to 160,000' sf - Short & Long-term Leasing
Click addresses for details - 4850 W. Bloomingdale Avenue, 60639
Doing Business with the City of Chicago

The City of Chicago purchases a wide range of goods and services, including engineering and construction services, office supplies, janitorial services, signs, legal services, and more, including professional services, commodities, work services, vehicles & heavy equipment, architecture and engineering.

There are two basic ways to sell products and services to the City of Chicago - directly via bidding on a contract, or indirectly as a subcontractor. While some contracts are earmarked for small or mid-sized businesses or certified firms, there isn't a set group of companies that get City contracts - bidding is open to all businesses.

For some projects, especially construction, it's common for prime contractors to use subcontractors to perform specific parts of the work. For a small business, this can be an opportunity to work on large projects that you would not be able to complete yourself. Prime contractors, not the City, select subcontractors.

Click here for general information on "Doing Business with the City of Chicago
Click here for Direct Bidding information & opportunities
Click here for connecting with an 'Assist Agency' for subcontracting work
Click here to learn how to connect with 'Prime Contractors'
Serving Up Another Slice of Amazon Pie

Amazon's Next Brick-And-Mortar Venture
Will Be...Department Stores?
The Shifting Population Composition of the U.S. Since 1990

The Washington Post recently published an interactive analysis of newly released-tract-level census data revealing the shifting racial composition of neighborhoods nationwide since 1990.
Washington Post- 8/16/2021
If there's anything Chicago is no slouch about, it's the
diversity of the cuisine - from dogs and burgers to fine dining. Per Eater Chicago, the City has a "rich culinary history and a myriad of unique foods. Many of the City's famous bites have gained national recognition for captivating taste buds across America." See if any have made your bucket list, or should be included.
Click to read - Chicago's Most Iconic Dishes
Jeffy Mai & Ashok Selvam, Eater Chicago - 8/19/2021
Cruising the Chicago River has the components to create a great summer memory, and the Chicago Electric Boat Company can help plan your cruise and ensure a fun and safe voyage. The company's fleet of 100% electric boats are not only easy to drive but are certified as zero-emissions watercraft, making them a green option for exploring the Chicago River by boat. Check out their website for details.

People come from all over to view Chicago's architecture.
The luck of living here is we don't have to travel to it, and it's also something to show off to friends and family when they visit.

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