Build a campus, build a future (a note from Bryan)...
"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." Vincent Van Gogh

Attention World Changers, 

When Amy and I started making 48 meals in our kitchen, we had no idea that eight years later, it would lead to serving more than 250,000 meals to our community. Through delivering 1,200 meals each week, we have learned that these meals are connection point into someone's life that provide next steps for physical, relational and spiritual healing and hope. 

So much has happened since that small beginning and especially in the last few weeks. As most of you may know, we've started work on a new building. Construction began in early April and we're on track for a late fall opening. While construction is on track, funds are still needed. 

We have been blessed with the opportunity for a $250,000 matching grant. This gives you and others the opportunity to double your donation. We are currently at $150,000 but still need another $100,000. We have a ways to go to reach the matching grant and more importantly, the total $1.5 million to keep us completely debt free. Being debt free is important to Jesus Was Homeless; it will allow us the immediate opportunity to be able to focus our finances on helping the community once the building is complete. 

We still need your help. You have the opportunity to help build a new Jesus Was Homeless campus that will build a future for so many of those in need in the Branson community. Help us continue momentum for this project by first reaching the total on the matching grant. 

Through this journey, our team has learned to dream big. We ask you to imagine a Jesus Was Homeless campus where broken, hurting and messy people can find a safe haven; where they can have their brokenness restored; where they can find healing and they become the masterpiece that God created them to be. Imagine a campus that turns our community upside down, by connecting God's people to jobs, restoration and hope. 

Then imagine God's plan expanded beyond our community, where mission teams, churches and community leaders come to learn and replicate the process of healing and restoring brokenness; where families are lifted up, and they become the givers, not just receivers. This is our dream. This is our hope. That is why we are building a new campus; a campus that will build a future for so many! 

For a full scope of our vision, check out this video

Thanks for the support! We look forward to sharing many updates and exiting news with you over these next few months!

Bryan Stallings
Executive Director - Jesus Was Homeless