Think speed can’t be learned?
Speed is a skill…just like any other.
The mistake many coaches and athletes make is to ignore the “skills” required to become faster, and focus on working only the strength and conditioning end of things.
They spend precious little time learning the technique of greater speed.
They’re just born with it.”
I have a slow team .”
Either you have it or you don’t…”
These are some of the incorrect statements you hear with the topic of speed comes up.
Certainly, there are individuals with greater “natural speed”. But, think about it…if that’s ALL there was to the equation, then only the very fastest athletes on any team should be running.
We know that doesn’t happen.
“Faster” athletes get beaten off the start…
They regularly get outplayed and left in the dust by supposedly “slower” athletes.

Because most people approach speed as a ‘given’, not as a skill to be learned,
improved and brought to the surface.
Once you view speed as a skill, you can then focus on “How”!

That’s where learning from the best can help…
If speed is a skill, once you know HOW to teach it changes can come incredibly fast…as soon as 1 day.
Now you can discover the key to improving speed in a single workout.
You can learn to avoid the classic mistakes most people make when it comes to learning and teaching speed.
In preparation for the winter and spring sports seasons, we thought we would package up several of our top sprinting programs in one incredible “ Speed Bundle ”.
Check out what’s included…

3 Courses from Coach Chris Korfist – the founder of “ Slow Guy Speed School ”. Chris, who has an international following, is renowned for doing just that; taking an “average kid” and making them a force to be reckoned with.
Here are the courses:

1) New Ideas in Sprinting
New Ideas in Sprint Training is a staple of the exercises Coach Korfist uses to develop speed. The focus is on single leg work, ankle rocker work, mini hurdles and other “outside the box” aspects of sprint training.
2) Sprint Speed
In what is arguably the best value in this Speed Bundle, the legendary Dr. Michael Yessis dives deep into the science of sprinting with an incredible course with no less than 39 video broken out into 6 unique sessions. (Check out Dr. Yessis’ biography when you get inside!)
Now look at the depth of material covered here…
In this course you will learn how you can significantly increase sprint speed without additional sprinting. It is a well proven method based on improved sprint technique and development of strength specific to the technique.
3) How to Get Fast: Volume 1
So how do you go about actually designing successful sprinting programs? Here is you answer.
This course is based upon PROVEN training workouts that have brought accolades…and championships for over a dozen years!
Next, we’ve added a course from the legendary Tom Tellez. The same Hall of Fame Coach Tellez who has produced the likes of Carl Lewis, Joe DeLoach, Kirk Baptiste, Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh, Willie Banks, and Dwight Stones.
His resume goes on and on…including no less than 13 Olympic medals!

4) Championship Sprinting is THE course to employ if you are looking to reach the next level. Topics include –
  • The curve
  • The sprint
  • The best way to improve sprinting
  • What not to do in the sprints
  • Hip joints
  • Body position
  • Press the ground
  • Arm stroke
And finally,

5) The 400 Meters for Beginners
This 6-part course is an invaluable resource for anyone coaching or competing in this signature event. This has it all…
  • Among the topics covered:
  • 400-meter workouts
  • Basic warm-up
  • Baylor build-up warm-up
  • Slow-fo relay
  • Continuous 200s
The above courses combine to bring over $100 of pure speed work to the table. But we’re not done yet…
Bonus Courses:
  •  Asymmetrical Skip Sprinting and Training by Coach Arian Barr – This course dives into the crucial trait of stride length by focusing on the start and form running both the sprints AND jumping events.

  • Speed Training with AOS – This final bonus is from the “Academy of Speed” (AOS). This 5 Star rated course will improve drill progressions and start work. You can dial it in in under 20 minutes!
We have received permission from each coach featured in this bundle to provide special pricing ONLY for this package, and ONLY for 96 hours.

After that, we are obligated to return to our regular pricing.
(Hey, it’s only fair to our coaches!)
If you click on the link below, you can get all 7 courses – for an amazing 60 bucks
(That’s OVER 60% off!)
But you MUST act with blazing speed ! Get it? 
This Speed Bundle will be returned to the starting blocks after 72 hours…
Bring your sprinting knowledge to the highest level with these outstanding courses today!
Your friends at CoachTube!

P.S. By the way, as usual, your purchase is backed by our 100% guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied for any reason…well, frankly, we have not done our job.
If that’s the case, we will happily refund your money.
Obviously, no one likes to give back money, so yes, we will always be working hard to earn your trust.
NOTE: These courses combine weight room demonstrations with lecture work in addition to actual work on the track. Also, while some of the production quality may be lacking (hey, these folks are coaches, not movie directors) the quality of the content in top notch.