I n response to multiple questions concerning owner builder signature and affidavits during these trying times I offer the following direction:
Applicable Florida Statute:
F.S.489.103(7)(c) To qualify for exemption under this subsection, an owner must personally appear and sign the building permit application and must satisfy local permitting agency requirements, if any, proving that the owner has a complete understanding of the owner’s obligations under the law as specified in the disclosure statement in this section.
Staff may accept an application in paper (at drop off) and allow the permit to be processed for review. However intake staff shall place a permit hold on the permit AND inform the applicant that a properly completed owner builder affidavit is provided prior to permit issuance.
Digital permits shall be issued a deficiency letter prior to processing.
To resolve the “condition” of the Statute noted above a completed form is necessary prior to permit issuance. Therefore, staff is granted the freedom to ascertain that the owner of property has signed the form and it is notarized. This can be accomplished by reviewing a notarized document (notarized elsewhere) and comparing owner to the property appraisers website, this can be in paper or digital. So documents can be uploaded through portal or emailed to appropriate staff. Witnessing an applicant sign the document and provide their license. These are only examples and leave it to supervisors to confirm that the intent of the Statute is followed.
Jonathan Walsh, PE
Chief Building Official
Collier County Growth Management Department
Building Plan Review & Inspection Division

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