COVID-19 Helps Green
The Building Industry
We invite you to read the article by Don Neff, President of LJP Construction Services in the March 2021 issue of Builder and Developer magazine published by Peninsula Publishing. The article, found on page 50, "COVID-19, Helps Green the Building Industry" discusses how green principles create a healthier home.
"Little did we realize how dramatically we would need
to embrace green building principles: daylighting, orientation, insulation, ventilation, and mass
(DOIVM) for a healthier
home environment."
- Don Neff, President
The New "Normal"
New technologies need to be integrated into our "work from home" lives. Working from home requires creative solutions to "unplug" from work to maintain a work-life balance.

When two-five or more are all living and working at home -- around the clock it can potentially tax the home systems, such as active or passive ventilation.

Accelerated construction schedules, new technologies, and a lack of skilled or trained labor, can result in an increase in construction problems.
Our quality assurance app, CaptureQA®, identifies and reports issues in the field in real time. LJP Construction Services has tracked data from inspections of hundreds of construction projects of all building types nationwide.
"Our goal at LJP Construction Services is to offer extensive knowledge and skill sets that are unrivaled in the industry. We are here to assist with your construction service needs... Pre-Construction, During Construction, and Post Construction." -- Don Neff, President
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