Exciting new European building technology solutions are being utilized in the United States and we expect to see wider scale adoption in the future.
Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Studio Gang
Facade Design: Innovation Glass
Certificate: Targeting LEED Silver
Opening: 2020

Dynamic Glass
With six different exterior shades of glass in the building skin, the 90-story Wanda Vista mixed-use high-rise tower presents a dynamic look as weather conditions change on the Chicago Skyline. In New York, Corning Glass has a marketing lab where dynamic glass windows are demonstrated for inquisitive homebuilders and developers. Each window has its own IP address, allowing a range of shading options driven by a mobile phone software app.
Transparent Solar Panels
The solar cells are so thin they become translucent and even transparent. This would allow the cells to be applied on top of a surface and be virtually invisible. Estimates are that using coated windows in a skyscraper could provide more than 25% of the building’s energy needs.

Studies hope to develop transparent solar cells that are efficient and can be placed on a variety of surfaces and objects, creating energy-harvesting systems without altering the design. 

Accelerated construction schedules, new technologies, and a lack of skilled or trained labor, can result in an increase in construction problems.
Our quality assurance app, CaptureQA®, identifies and reports issues in the field in real time. LJP Construction Services has tracked data from inspections of hundreds of construction projects of all building types nationwide.
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