BC Building Code Changes for Energy Efficiency
Three Weeks ago building code changes were made to the BCBC to enable 20% better energy efficiency and provide an opt-in Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly known as the Carbon Pollution Standard), and were signed by the Minister of Housing. All Part 9 Buildings must now meet minimum Step 3 of the Energy Step Code, Province Wide. The Village will remain at Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code for Part 9 Buildings.

Here are some highlights:
Village Right of Way use & Material Storage
Please be reminded that Village Right of Ways and Service Corridors are not for public use. Parking and material storage is not permitted on Village Right of Ways and Roads, and all materials and trailers should be contained on private property. At times the Village will permit temporary use of a Right of Way, but a permit is required. To inquire please email [email protected]
Please be mindful of landscaping encroaching onto Village boulevards. If you are unsure of your property boundaries, please consult a legal Site Survey. Landscaping encroaching in VoP right of ways may be subject to damage caused by snow plowing and other machinery. 

Fire Mitigation on construction sites during high-fire ratings 
Work taking place during a High Fire Danger Risk must be in compliance with Village of Pemberton Fire Prevention Bylaw No. 744, 2013 and its amendment regarding Interface Construction and Maintenance Regulations.

Fire mitigation should be in place at any site during times that there is a category 1 fire ban in order to continue operations. Interior construction can continue during these times.

Please be reminded that the burning of construction waste is prohibited and is subject to provincial fines.

When the Fire Danger Rating is “High”: After three (3) consecutive days of Fire Danger Rating being “high”, high-risk construction activity in the interface area (within 10 metres of the forest) shall cease at 1300 hours each day.
When Fire Danger Rating is “Extreme”: After three consecutive days of fire danger rating being “extreme”, all high-risk construction activity in the interface and intermix areas (within 10 metres of the forest) shall cease.

Reminder of Noise Bylaw Hours
Monday to Saturday – 7:00AM – 8:00PM
Sundays + Statutory Holidays – 10:00AM-4:00PM
If you are a Builder or Home-Owner Builder please remind your contractors and suppliers that no work shall commence before the above start time.
 For more details please see the excerpt on Construction noise from the Noise Regulation Bylaw. Any person who contravenes any provision of this bylaw shall be liable to a fine.