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July 2017
Tour of Homes
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Moose Choice   
He didn't get nervous very often, so when he did, I got nervous too. Pretty hard to rattle a guy who'd seen as much as Dad, but now was one of those times. She looked about 9' tall and she was standing 30' in from the right side of the airstrip and maybe 800' up from the apron. What were we going to do? What was she going to do?
It was early July in 1969 and Dad had decided to take our Cessna 180 to Canada "just for the heck of it". Heading up into British Columbia we fished in Penticton for a few days, then up to Kamloops and just about any lake that had an airstrip after that. The weather was good and dad was starting to wonder what Alaska looked like. It was late into the long Canadian afternoon as we were making our approach to Fort St. John. We were tired, a little hungry, low on fuel, and that's when we saw her. I'd never seen a moose before, let alone one standing on the runway we needed to land on. Dad had some decisions to make and he didn't have much time to make them. There wasn't another airstrip within our limited fuel range, we had to make this work. Although "moose crossing runway" was not formally part of dad's flight training, he came up with a plan. Dad decided to perform some low-level passes to see if he could herd her off to the side. It worked! We did one more go 'round to make sure the strip was clear and then landed successfully. Even though we were only a few hundred miles from Alaska, Dad never did go on up. Pretty sure he didn't like the idea of another "moose choice".
Coming this September 15, 16, 17 and 22, 23 and 24 is our 2017 Southern Oregon Tour of Homes! For two weekends take a self guided tour of some of the most interesting homes in Southern Oregon. Big to small, fam to glam, affordable to fantastic, come see the homes you know you want to visit. Once a year, right here, "Take the Tour" and see the homes of your dreams. And I promise, no moose to navigate around.

Brad BenningtonBuilding the Future ,

Brad Bennington,  Executive Officer
Builders Association Southern Oregon
Save the Dates!

Southern Oregon Tour of Homes
Sept. 15-17 & 22-24

Southern Oregon Home Show 
Feb. 16, 17 & 18 
Join us for the
Southern Oregon Tour of Homes
Sept 15-17 & 22-24
Tour of Homes
Save the Dates for this year's Southern Oregon Tour of Homes!
September 15-17 and 22-24
This is a great event where our builders get to showcase their work!
Come support our amazing builders and subcontractor, get inspired and enjoy a
fun time as you tour the houses!
Our Tour Guide will be both printed and online and available the week before the event.

For Tour of Homes Info or to advertise in the Guide
Members, you have the first opportunity to advertise in the Tour of Homes Guide!
Our Southern Oregon Tour of Homes is a very popular event and this guide will direct them to the homes on the Tour. The guide will go to thousands of homes in the Rogue Valley - and these are your target clients/customers. There is limited space in this year's guide, so call us today at 541-773-2872 to reserve your ad space.  
Annual Foster Parents BBQ Recap

Our Foster Parents Annual BBQ was a relaxed and joy-filled event!
We were able to provide a day of food, fun and rest for our Jackson County Foster Families.
As many of you know, there are far more kids in the Foster Care system than there are families to take care them.
Our goal was just to give these families a break while enjoying the company of other foster families.
The food was delicious and the kids really enjoyed the Fishing Game and Face Painting
Thank You to Everyone who came out to volunteer for this great event!
A special thank you to
City Life - preparing and serving the food
Linda Bennington - sewing the fishing game cover
Veronica Thomas - face painting
Gerry Katz - photography
BASO staff and friends 
Heritage Block
Turning obstacles into opportunities is something successful home builders know how to do as well as anyone. The New American Home (TNAH) 2018 provides a great example of this type of innovative problem solving.
It's rare for a home in Central Florida to have an impressive view. However, TNAH 2018 is being built on a unique lot that overlooks Lake Apopka.
"[The view] is just spectacular," said John Kolb, vice president of construction at Legacy Custom Built, the builder of TNAH 2018. "One of the great things about the community of Bella Collina is that it has hills which provide many of the properties with stunning views like this."
But that view comes at a price: a roughly 30-foot drop in elevation from street level to the back of the property.
"When you run into challenges and have to find solutions, that's what makes residential construction so interesting," Kolb said. Read More.
Trending Now: Color and Pattern Make These Backsplashes Stand Out
Erin Carlyle , Houzz
While the white kitchen seems to be a trend with staying power, we've noticed more homeowners choosing colorful tile backsplashes lately. That trend was evident in many of the most popular new kitchen photos added to Houzz from April through June, as measured by how many people saved them to their ideabooks during that period. Below are some of the standouts from new kitchen photos that made the top 40. Which backsplash style is your favorite? Read More.
  Chevron Pattern Backsplash
Oregon Update
Oregon Home Builders Association

News From The State
, Jon Chandler
The 2017 legislature was the strangest session I've ever been through, bar none. Every session has its own music, but this one was more discordant than any in my experience. So we're glad to get it behind us, and even more glad to report that notwithstanding the strangeness of the session, OHBA came out of it with several significant wins and only two losses - an accomplishment of which we are quite proud, if you don't mind me saying so.
Here's what happened with some of the most significant issues for our industry:

Predictable scheduling : at the start of the session, there was legislation that would have required all employers to give their workers several week's advance notice of their schedules, guaranteed workers 'show up pay' if their schedule changed and given workers the ability to sue if their schedules were changed, along with other nonsense. Read More.

Gross receipts tax : we, along with other business interests, were successful in killing legislative attempts to impose a gross receipts tax. This was an annoying issue, since it came on the heels of the voters clobbering Measure 97, but it would have been disastrous for construction given the low margin/high volume nature of our industry. Read More.

Small business tax increase : the House passed a bill that would have dramatically increased taxes on pass-through entities (S-Corps and LLCs), which is how most Oregon small businesses are organized. Read More.

Off-road diesel regulation: in another OHBA/AGC partnership (with AGC frankly doing most of the heavy lifting), we were able to kill regulation of off-road diesel equipment.

Demolitions : legislation was introduced that would have dramatically increased the cost of demolitions, but the bill that passed makes regulation of demolitions optional for cities and restricts what they can do if they choose to regulate. Read More.

Tiny homes: after a lot more fuss than the issue deserved, we were successful in kicking the whole mess over to the Building Codes Division, which was where it belonged in the first place.

Energy efficiency increases : another aggravating issue that shouldn't have been in the legislature, we were able derail this attempt to legislate building codes in favor of
letting BCD do its job through the existing code update and adoption process and the Governor setting up a task force on the energy code.

Rent control/no cause evictions: even though we weren't actively lobbying on this issue, we made no secret of our position that rent control was a bad idea Read More.

 Increasing housing production: in one of the most important housing bills in many years, Read More.

Our only losses were that our bill setting up an SDC task force didn't get very far, nor did the bill we worked on to allow ADUs in rural residential zones, but both of those issues can come back in the 2018 session as well.
And there you have it. As always, let me know if you want more info on any of these issues.

Codes Update
OHBA, Howard Asch

What If It's Not in The Code?
Building Materials
What if you read about a new material or a different method of construction that is not covered in the code and want to try it out? There  may be a way to get it approved if you have a little patience, and it may be getting easier with the next edition of the code.
Section R104.11 allows the building official to approve alternative materials, design and methods of construction. This provision is intended to allow new products and creative designs to be used without waiting for the code to change. It allows for innovation and creativity and the next generation of buildings to be developed.
The section requires the building official to approve a proposal when Read More. 
Member Benefit News
OHBA, Ginger Harville

SAIF Discount Increases
Good news for OHBA members! As of July 1, the SAIF discount for members who meet the eligibility criteria is increasing  to 6% for 2017-18! Click here for more information or to see if your company qualifies. Or contact your workers comp insurance agent. For many of you, the savings you gain will pay for (or exceed) your HBA membership dues!

Is Your CCB License up for renewal? - Good News!
Thumbs up
CCB Toolbox
Required CCB regulatory classes free after July 1
Plus, enjoy a one-time reduction in your license fee
The Oregon Legislature has just completed approving our budget for the 2017-19 biennium. Over the past two years, we worked hard to become more efficient and more responsive in serving the public and the construction industry.
This budget marks a significant change for the Construction Contractors Board.
Beginning July 1, when the new budget takes effect, the CCB will no longer charge continuing education fees to contractors or education providers. In addition, our increased efficiency at the CCB coupled with the stronger
economy has resulted in a budget surplus. Therefore, we are also adopting a temporary (one-time) reduction in the contractor license fee for the duration of the 2017-19 biennium.
From July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019, the fee for license renewals and new contractor licenses is lowered from $325 to $250. Read more.
NEWS from the CCB: 
Exemptions from continuing education
ccb logo
As of July 1, this is a summary of all contractors that are now exempt from continuing education. 
This list applies to both residential and commercial contractors.
* Architects (if an owner or officer is a licensed architect)
* Developers
* Engineers (if an owner or officer is a licensed engineer)
* Electricians (if an owner, officer or employee is a licensed electrician)
* Plumbers (if an owner, officer or employee is a licensed plumber)
* Boiler contractors
* Elevator contractors
* Renewable energy contractor
* Pump installation contractors
* Limited sign contractors
* Landscape contractors who are construction contractors
* Home inspectors (must still complete continuing education for the home inspector certification but no longer for the CCB license) `
* Master builders (if actively licensed as such through the Building Codes Division)
CCB Permanent Rule Changes

Permanent rule changes have gone into effect as of July 1. These changes:
  • Create a construction flagging contractor endorsement required by 2015 legislation.
  • Repeal rules for the old dispute resolution process changed by 2011 legislation.
  • Simplify continuing education rules for contractors who hold both residential and commercial endorsements by requiring them to meet the greater commercial requirement and exempting them from the lesser residential requirement.
  • Make continuing education requirements mandatory whenever a license is reactivated after having been inactive.
  • Eliminate the CCB fee of $15 per hour for required laws, regulations and business practice courses, making the required three hours free.
  • Provide a temporary reduction of the CCB license fee from $325 to $250. This is effective from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019 for new licenses and renewals.
  • Eliminate CCB fees charged to continuing education providers for provider and course approval, and to upload certain courses.
For more information, see the rule language posted on the CCB website
8-hr INITIAL Lead Based Paint Class
Need to become RRP Certified?
Do you w EPA Certified Firmork on structures,pre 1978, where you would be disturbing paint? If so, sign up now for this EPA-Certified class! 
8-Hr INITIAL Course:
Date: August 9
Time: 8am-5pm
Location: Medford Library, Carpenter Room
Click here for Aug 9 Registration Form or call 541-773-2872
Space is limited to register today!

To sign up for a class, just fill out the registration form and return to or if you would like to be placed on an email list that will inform you of upcoming classes, please email or call 541-773-2872. 

Cost: $225 for Members and $299 for Non-Members
Qualifies for (8) Series A or Series B Credit Hours

Refresher Lead Based Paint Classes
Online at

Contractors who are due to renew their Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting certification will be eligible to take this five hour online course as opposed to attending an in-person refresher course. Because this is an online only course, which has no hands-on portion, this course will renew a contractors RRP license for three years, as opposed to five years. After the three years has passed, a contractor will then be required to take an in-person course that includes a hands-on portion if they want to renew their certification.
Unlock The Value of Membership: NAHB
The National Association of Home Builders
exists to serve its members.

NAHB strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen the nation's economy.
Fighting for housing on major policy issues, providing excellent educational programming, and creating outstanding networking opportunities are just some of the ways that NAHB fulfills that mandate.
And the proof of its success is in the numbers. 
NAHB members will save a total of about $5,950 per housing start in 2017 due to NAHB's advocacy efforts in 2016 and other member benefits.
NAHB urges members to take full advantage of the many resources that it offers. They are designed to help members build a better home, build a better business and work in a positive business environment.
  NAHB's Mission, Value Proposition and Vision Statements.
Lowes for Pros
NAHB Member Discounts
As a benefit of being a member, you have access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by many top companies. All programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice.
NAHB members can access each program by  downloading an overview of all NAHB discounts including phone numbers and program codes.
Builders Association
We are Southern Oregon's primary resource for  
for the Building Industry
*Provide education to our community & professionals
 *Advocate for Southern Oregon's construction industry
*Motivate public policy for a strong & sustainable community
*We provide comprehensive community outreach services
*We stimulate the economy with industry-leading events
*We support our community by creating policy that keeps construction safe, affordable and sustainable
Builders Association Southern Oregon
1006 East Jackson St., Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-773-2872 Fax: 541-773-1189
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Kyle Taylor 
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Featured Company for July
Butler Ford  
Butler Automotive Group has locations in Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Grants Pass, and Klamath Falls.

Four of the top automotive marques are represented in their new vehicle inventory at the Butler Automotive Group, including Ford, Acura, Hyundai, and Kia. With such a diverse range of brands and vehicles on hand, you are sure to find a car, crossover, SUV, minivan, truck, or any other type of vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

Highly trained sales teams are there to assist you in finding the specific model, trim level, and color combination that suits you, so remember that you are not alone in your car search! In addition to their new vehicle selection, our substantial inventory of used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles of all makes and models are offered to you at highly competitive prices.

If you want to get a few more miles out of your current vehicle and it is in need of a tune-up or repair, the service centers at the Butler Automotive Group are ready to help. Highly skilled and experienced service technicians that are capable of working on all makes and models will help you take the best possible care of your vehicle. You can schedule service, order parts, or take advantage of our latest deals and specials right here on our dealership group's website.

As soon as you find your new dream vehicle, their dedicated team of finance professionals will go to work for you, finding a great auto loan rate through one of our many trusted lending partners. You can even get pre-approved from your Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Grants Pass, or Klamath Falls, OR residence by filling out the online credit application on one of our dealership websites.

Contact Information
Chuck Butler | Co-Founder Butler Automotive Group 
Warren Cooper | Managing Partner Butler Automotive Group
Corporate Office location: 
1977 Hwy 99 N., Ashland, OR 97520
Member Rebate Program 

Q2'17 Claim Deadline: 
Friday, August 25th, 2017

Claim for Residential Jobs Completed April 1 through June 30, 2017.
This is a FREE Member Benefit
to Builder
& Remodeler Members of the Oregon HBA

Members, don't leave money on the table!
Online Education FREE to Members!!
Home Builders University  features online courses designed to help professionals in the residential building trades receive industry-specific training, meet continuing education requirements and improve building and business skills.
Read More


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