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#December 2021
Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; And afterward build your house. Proverbs 24:27

November has been a month of building and preparation for us. These kinds of months are not always fun or exciting, but they are necessary, essential for growth!

We started something new as a congregation, an idea that we’ve been tossing around for about two years. We have many various talents and gifts as a congregation that can be used to give back to the community and show Christ’s love to them. One Saturday each month we will host a free workshop for our community. During this workshop we also take the opportunity to share the Gospel with those in attendance. In November we hosted our first Saturday workshop on the topic of financial management. A member of our church that does financial consulting lead the workshop and among those in attendance were several who were unbelievers. Please be praying that these workshops grow and draw in the unsaved.

Last month Mario sent a letter to some of our close friends in the States requesting prayer because of a situation that had occurred. The building in which our facility is located houses not only businesses but apartments, as well. Directly above our facility is an apartment and even though our service times are well within the house rules, the couple that lives in that apartment complains regularly about the noise level. When we first moved in, we added additional insulation in an attempt to take care of the problem, but to no avail.

The week of our grand re-opening someone spray painted the windshield of our car while it was parked at the church, and the neighbor called the building manager and made threats to murder him and Mario because of the noise. This threat had us very concerned. Since we also suspected them of the vandalism to our car and were worried what would happen next, but we placed our trust in the Lord to be our protection and shield. A member of our congregation contacted the neighbor a several days later to try to defuse the situation and let him know that we were now in a place to be able to invest in some more insulation. He let them know that we were attempting to take care of the problem. What ensued was 10 minutes of pounding on the floor from the neighbor’s apartment each Sunday morning just after worship. Last week the Lord placed it on our heart to return evil with good and put together a gift basket as an early Christmas gift for them. Bonnie also placed a small note of apology inside the basket and before leaving it in front of their door, Bonnie prayed over it, asking the Holy spirit to minister to our neighbor’s heart through this gift and draw them to saving grace. This Sunday once worship was over… there was complete silence from up above. Please continue to pray for our neighbors. We believe that they are not our neighbors by chance and the Lord desires to glorify Himself in a great victory through this entire situation.
> We have several new people ready to attend our membership class.
> We have been able to insulate our platform and purchase some new sound equipment.
> We had a good turnout to our first Saturday Workshop.

As is common for most churches, we have several activities planned for the month of December: The Operation Christmas Child shoebox event, No Compromise's concert on the square, A Women's Night Out, and our youth winter camp. Please be praying for these events that we would see a great harvest come from the careful preparation that has gone into them.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. We are so grateful to each of you for all that you do. May the Lord richly bless you this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a very blessed 2022!

Mario & Bonnie
> For our neighbors that they would be drawn to Christ.
> That our Christmas events would be successful and bring about a harvest.
> That God would provide the finances to insulate our building completely and and eliminate the noise that bothers our neighbors.
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