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Building Biopolis

Cities are causing climate change. They consume the most resources, emit pollution, and produce tons of waste. But as innovation hubs, rich in influence and intellectual & creative potential, cities are key players in the fight against climate change. 

In a special newsletter, we're previewing the content of the FUTURE FORUM: Building Biopolis, a digital conference we're hosting October 14-17. Together attendees will envision a new kind of green city, a Biopolis, dedicated to conservation and prioritizing innovations in planning, mobility, business and energy that equally protect the health and wellbeing of its land, animals, and inhabitants.

Build the green city of the future with us and a roundup of German and American experts including those featured below. Check out our interview with a researcher predicting the future or urban climate and read about three companies pivoting food production, mobility and urban planning toward sustainability and the communities they are intended to serve. 

The Green City of the Future

Dr. Diego Rybski

Predicting the Urban Eco-Future
Dr. Diego Rybski studies the impact of climate change on cities at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. In an interview, we chat about urban heat islands, sea-level rise and what cities must do right now to address the climate emergency. 
AeroFarms' Growing Facility

The World's Largest Indoor, Vertical Farm

Heat and water stress, extreme weather and unpredictable seasons threaten food production, particularly for cities. In response, urban agriculturists are innovating. One solution: vertical farms. Read on about New Jersey's AeroFarms.
The Hyperloop Pod

Public Transportation at 745 MPH

A group from the Technical University of Munich is developing a climate-neutral high-speed ground transportation system based on the hyperloop concept. Read on.
Hester Street Community Project

People-Focused City Building

New York City nonprofit Hester Street is recentering urban planning, design and development on communities and residents, the people and places for which cities are built. Find out how.


DWIH New York Team, FUTURE FORUM 2019

What to Expect

Hear from a former NASA engineer taking urban mobility to the sky and an architect growing bricks from bacteria in our innovation spotlights, listen to the pros and cons of a car-free city in an Oxford debate and meet your future collaborators in active workshops and networking sessions. 

Explore the program, speakers, formats and register today at www.dwih-futureforum.org.