Sumac Creek Farm

Kankakee County, Illinois
Last November on a cold winter day in Peotone, Illinois, Rachael Jones and her family attended an open house at our Rock Creek Farm. At the event, Iroquois Valley gave visitors a tour and presented its agroforestry-oriented vision for the farm while serving food from two of our regenerative dairy clients: Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery in Champaign, IL and Rocky Road Dairy in Mulberry Grove, IL. Rachael shared stories about her work at Locavore Farm with Dave Miller and Steve Rivard, Iroquois Valley’s Co-Founders. She also told us of her dream to expand operations onto a neighboring 29-acre farm. Rachael is part of a growing group of farmers and entrepreneurs in the region influencing Chicagoland's local food scene.
Rachael & Chris Jones
For two years Rachael and her husband and business partner, Chris, watched as their dream farm property was on the market. They struggled to arrange financing for the $630,000 purchase. Locavore Farm operated on a 5-acre property that they had effectively outgrown. Rachael and Chris knew that their work resonated with people – they run a multi-faceted business growing food and serving it at their Dine on the Land events, in addition to a CSA program, cut flower subscription, and more. They emphasize youth education through immersive summer camps, cooking classes, and gardening workshops. To continue and expand this work, they needed more land. The 29-acre property that they sought to buy includes buildings to support more programming for farmstays and events, plus more acreage to expand their vegetable, flower, and livestock operations.
Rachael and Chris took a leap of faith and signed a commitment letter to purchase the farm, contingent on financing, which they had not yet secured. When we met them at Rock Creek’s open house, their story immediately resonated with our Co-Founders. To make Rachael’s dream come true, we went to the local community around Kankakee County to raise the initial equity capital. More than twenty people contributed $339,000 and Rachael was able to make a down payment of over 50% of the purchase price. Iroquois Valley funded a mortgage to provide the balance needed to close. Rachael and Dave were still counting money the morning of the closing, but there were more than a few investors ready, willing, and able to put in more capital as needed. The groundswell of community support was exciting to see and reminded us of Iroquois Valley’s beginnings. On February 28, 2022, the Jones family closed on the purchase of Sumac Creek Farm.
We are excited to welcome Sumac Creek Farm to our portfolio. Pictured are Rachael Jones and Dave Miller.
It was only fifteen years ago that a group of ten friends and family pooled their resources to purchase a farm in Iroquois County, one county south of Kankakee County where Sumac Creek Farm is located. That group of ten has grown to over 600 investors and is increasing weekly, as is the number of farmers in our portfolio from different communities across the country.
Rachael & Chris grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers in addition to pasture-raised chickens, sheep, goats, and pigs.
In order to better address the unique challenges faced by farmers with financial needs, the Co-Founders of Iroquois Valley started a charitable venture, Healing Soils Foundation (HSF). HSF’s mission is to help heal people, communities, and the Earth by providing grants to organic farmers. Initially, HSF is working in collaboration with Potlikker Capital, a non-profit organization supporting farmers of color, to raise money for grants and low interest rate loans to help the Jones and other farmers with financial needs. Some of the funds raised will be used for preparations for the Jones’ busy summer months hosting farm dinners and youth camps, preparing weekly farm boxes, and making improvements to Sumac Creek Farm. This important seed capital, along with the greater community’s collaboration and financing from Iroquois Valley, have helped make Rachael's dream come true. 
Iroquois Valley would like to thank Joe Mantoan, a long-time friend of the Co-Founders for his support on this investment. We are pleased to share that Joe was recently named Chairman of the Board of Healing Soils Foundation. Joe was raised in Kankakee County and is uniquely qualified to run Healing Soils. Joe acquired his significant work ethic from working in the field and at his family's restaurants, and more recently, while impacting organic farm transitions. Joe is working with a dedicated team including board members Julie Ristau (Senior Fellow, Sharing Our Roots), Terra Brockman (Founder, The Land Connection), Wes Jarrell (Farmer, Prairie Fruits Farms & Creamery) and Dave. The Board is advised by Pat Foster, a local attorney who provides pro-bono legal advice. 
How to support Sumac Creek Farm
If you would like to help support Sumac Creek Farm, please visit the Healing Soils Foundation website to make a tax-deductible donation. Check out Locavore Farm's website for more information about their "Dine on the Land" experiences and other events, or consider signing up for their newsletter for the latest news. If you are local to the Chicago region, you can also learn more about their weekly farm boxes, victory garden kits, and farm camps for youth.
Announcing our new share value & audited financials
We are pleased to announce that our Board of Directors recently approved an updated valuation of $686 per share of the common stock of Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT, PBC. This share price reflects our calculation of the REIT’s value as of December 31, 2021. A detailed valuation memo describing how the share price was determined can be found on our website. Also on our website is Annual Report on SEC Form 1-K, which was recently filed with the SEC, and includes our 2021 audited financials. 
Our interim CEO, Andy Ambriole, had the following comments about the 11% increase in our share value:
Farms and food continue to dominate local, national, and international news headlines. Iroquois Valley is the answer to the challenges we witness in our food and farming systems. We continue to relentlessly support our organic farmers, as they transition more land to organic production and diversify into new markets. The "good food" space is becoming crowded - a welcome sight to see so many new mission-aligned friends. With over 15 years of experience, we are increasingly the organization others model themselves after. We distinguish ourselves with our triple bottom line focus: environmental, social, and economic impacts. We believe that it takes all three to successfully change our food system for a better future.
Iroquois Valley’s increased share price largely reflects the increase in farmland values and our growing portfolio of farmland. We anticipate that farmland values will continue to steadily rise and plan to keep making incremental purchases of farmland. Our leases and mortgages will be more important to farmers as interest rates rise and the cost of conventional financing increases. The COVID pandemic accelerated the demand for organic food, extending its double-digit annual growth. The supply of organic food has decreased as the USDA organic standards are strengthened and imports of fraudulent international organic products are eliminated. All of these factors combined point to a bright future for your investment - an investment in hard-working organic independent farmers. With your continued support, Iroquois Valley will provide the financial tools and land access to a diverse group of organic farmers needed to build a future that rewards people, planet, and profit!
We are actively preparing for the re-launch of our offering of REIT Equity Shares with this new share price. To sign-up to be notified when the REIT Offering re-opens, please email Our Series IV Soil Restoration Notes continue to accept new investments – for more information, please visit our website
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As a corporate guideline, we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We develop relationships with farmers who want to grow their businesses. We move forward when we have a ready, willing, and able farmer. 
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