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Always Connected with Mortar Board

I sighed as I slumped down into my seat on the shuttle. It had been a long day working at Disney, and I was looking forward to the leftover pizza in my fridge. Nice and easy. As I took in my surroundings, I noticed one women in particular eyeing me as if she were about to say something. I waved politely, and the next thing I knew, she sat down next to me.

“So you’re in Mortar Board, yeah?” she smiled, pointing to my shirt. A faint wave of calm washed over me as I remembered the last conference I had been to. I nodded.

“Me too!” she exclaimed “I just graduated, actually, and now am working here as a cast member. I had the best time at the centennial conference.”

I thought of the community at the conference, how I had felt a part of a family. I didn’t know that family had extended into my workplace.

“Well, this is my stop!” She jumped up, ready to go.

“Wait,” I started. “Thank you.” She paused for a second, then looked back at me and waved goodbye.

“Maybe I’ll see you again soon?” she said.

“Yeah,” I smiled as she hopped off the shuttle, leaving me with a warm sense of belonging in my chest. You never know where you can run into another Mortar Board.

--based on a true story